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  1. Dia dhuit, as the title says I am in search of a partner. I'm not too picky on skills or anything of the like, though I tend to give at least a couple paragraphs, so long as I have something to reply to I don't mind the lengths we use. I love romance and adventure and anything in a past setting really. Throw in a pirate, bandit, prince or demon, and ye have me pretty much sold. I don't mind playing lads at all, so if ye prefer a lass, I am completely open to it. I don't have any real plots jotted down, but I've some ideas, mostly, I'm going to list some pairings that sound fun, and if ye like one, or several, we can mix and match and do a wee bit of brainstorming.

    Genie x Tyrant king
    Pirate Captain x Mermaid [or a female captain and merman]
    Pirate x Princess
    Pirate x Stowaway
    Pirate x Captive
    Bandit x Princess
    Bandit x Commoner [Have a sort of idea for this one]
    Demon King x Human woman
    Ancient warrior x Modern woman
    Olympian god x Mortal
    Vampire x Mortal
    Warrior x King/Master's/General's daughter [or something along those lines]
    Kidnapper x Royalty [or maybe stand in for said royal?]
    Arranged marriage
    Something based off of either Beauty and the Beast, or Rapunzel.

    These plots are a wee bit old, and need improvement, but here ye are:
    I. The Pirate and the Princess
    For a decade and a half, a pirate earning himself the title Sea Wolf has been terrorizing the seven seas, and any port he comes across, helping himself to whatever happens to catch his eye, whether it a ship, treasure, or a woman. Rarely ever did something he wanted slip through his fingers, that was until he came across a young woman [we'll come up with some sort of event together where they meet?]. It bothered him he hadn't obtained her, for the rest of the time they'd been in the town, he found himself searching for her, but to no avail, he didn't see her again in the pubs and docks he spent his time in. The woman he'd set his eyes on was of royalty, being forced in to a marriage she didn't agree with, her betrothed no better than a pirate with the rumors that floated around him that spoke of his ill treatment of anyone that wasn't one of his men, but he was rich, and her father needed his support. She decided, if the marriage would not be cancelled, then she'd escape, disguising herself as a male, and signing on to a ship that happened to be looking for a new cabin boy unaware that it belonged to pirates, or that the captain was the same man from days before.

    II. The Merman and the Lady Pirate
    Merpeople were things of legends, at least to those who weren't superstitious, but then again, women weren't pirates, and certainly not the captain of their own ships. To the merman king, pirates were to be despised and feared...and when possible, disposed of with their treatment of his ocean and the threat they posed on his kind. He hadn't expected to meet a woman that'd taken up piracy though, and his interest was perked....he couldn't help it, but he hadn't expected something that he thought of as gentle and weak to be able to capture him [we can think of something she could hold over him?].
    -This one needs improvement, it's been an idea that's been on my mind for a while though. The idea is, that the mer-lad is captured by a pirate lass, by some form of blackmail, strength, or a weakness he'd have that could be taken advantage of. I think, if ye be interested, with a fair amount of brainstorming, it could be a riot to play out.

    III. The Celtic Curse
    He'd been a Celtic warrior, one of great strength, said to be the child of a god and a fae, with his strength and looks, feared by men for his sword, and wanted by women for the legends that floated around him, it'd been easy to grow corrupted. He'd began to act the part of a rake, using his charms to obtain any woman he wished, and cutting down any man who tried to stand in his way. That was until he toyed with the wrong woman, a witch, in actuality sent to him by those he'd scorned, and when he treated her as he treated any other, she cast a curse on him, binding his soul to his infamous sword, so that any woman who may possess his sword would possess control of him as well, and unless he be set free from such a curse, he would be forced to serve women for eternity.
    In present day, [for the reason we can discuss or ye can choose] a woman comes across the sword...
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  2. Posting here, or sending a message if interested, either is fine =]
  3. I'm interested in the first plot if you don't mind me playing the girl ^^ I have so many guys out on the field I think I'm starting to turn into one myself haha
  4. I've no qualms with this =] I know how that is, I've gotten to where I can't play women too well, haha, so it's no problem if ye wish to be the lass.
  5. Cool :9
    So how should we start it? Where do you think would be a good place for them to meet? An inn/bar is kind of a cliche place, which I don't mind at all. Or they could meet outside by the dock for a more relaxed scenery. Or maybe somewhere a bit more in the town, maybe there is some kind of street performance somewhere and they both happen to bump into each other there.
  6. Oooh, I rather fancy the idea of a street performance, it sounds a wee bit different.
  7. And it gives the princess a (not so) good reason to sneak out xD haha "I just wanted to have fun before my father married me away, even though I've already planned to run away."

    Maybe they bump into each other when she's trying to hide in the crowd because she caught a glimpse of her fathers (or fiances) guards, and she couldn't be seen by them outside of her home. So while escaping she doesn't watch where she's going completely and literally runs into him. That's definitely cliche, but also a funny scene haha.
  8. Aye, and it sounds rather adorable as well, haha. Sometimes cliches can be cute so I don't mind them =]
    Was there anything else ye needed discussed?
  9. No, I think that was all. We can always message each other when we feel like there's something needed to be discussed. Do you want to start the first post?
  10. That works for me. Ahhh, where should I make the first post?
    Apologies, haha, this is technically my first day on here.
  11. Hahah ok, make it in the 'One[x]One Roleplays' part of the forum :)
  12. How's that first post going? I can make it if you have a hard time starting it ^^
  13. Ah, sorry, I was having some issues on getting started, I will leave it up to ye though, on if ye wish to start instead.
    I've a party I have to go to, so I'll be a while before I'm on through more than a mobile.
  14. Ok, I'll take care of it then :) Have fun on the party ^^
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