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  1. As it says in the title, I'm looking for an RP partner. I can post anything from two paragraphs upwards, usually I post to match my partner. I'm not particularly fussy about the genre or the plot, but I do like a bit of plot to keep the story moving. I will not take part in any role plays that involve rape, incest, underage or gore on principal, and I'm very reluctant to play furry, master/slave, fanfiction, yaoi or yuri. I usually play women, who are equal footing in life and in bed, but typically tends towards the submissive role.

    Pairings I'm currently craving:
    Bold is the role I'd prefer to play.

    Super x Super with clashing power set:
    This could be hero x hero or hero x villain
    On the surface, she's the girl who has it all; a well-liked wealthy socialite with a doting father in public, the indestructible woman in her life as a super hero. One night she is caught off guard and she is left alone with one of the few people in the world able to do her serious harm. There's certainly a spark, but what kind of tension it is remains to be seen.

    Rebel Leader x Lieutenant
    Dystopian Future
    The first time you met, she saved your life. The second time you met, she sacrificed her life as a member of the Elite to keep you safe. You looked after her in this part of town, but she hasn't left your side since. You mean the world to each other, and as you climb the ranks to become a leader of the resistance, nobody's surprised to see that she's your right hand. A few weeks ago, you kissed and while you both brush it off, you can't deny that you felt something. But if it's really nothing, then why do you feel so jealous all of a sudden?

    Engaged Princess x Personal Guard
    I'd love this to be fantasy, but I'm not too fussy~

    Star Trek OC x Star Trek OC

    I'm open to ideas, suggestions and the like. Feel free to drop a PM if you have any questions or are interested.

  2. Might be interested in the superhero one. Can do hero or villian, either one you want. I'm already getting some ideas...
  3. @Quiet One I'm not terribly fussy, but I'd rather you play the villain.
  4. I would be interested in the second idea. We could discuss it further in pm.
  5. Can totally do villian, but if, according to your discription, my hero is one of only a few who can harm yours, I'd need to know what kind of powers (and obviously what sort of weaknesses) your heroine would have. I'm not asking for a character sheet persay, just a basic idea of who I'd be fighting/romancing.
  6. @ Quiet One

    Great! I posted up the character sheet below anyway for reference. If you have any questions, just drop me a PM.

    Show Spoiler

    Hero Name: Necrosis

    Gender: Female

    Secret Identity: Lilith 'Lily' Ross, sole surviving daughter of a multimillionaire surgeon, herself a socialite and a medic.

    Lilith is tall and striking, standing at the height of five foot ten, and built with long, lean limbs. She is quite slender in build, her body maintaining slightly less than the ideal level of body fat at 13% thanks to her so called gifts. She is extremely fair skinned, almost pallid at times but his has less to do with time spent outdoors, and more to do with her ability to reverse UV damage to the skin. Her hair is naturally a dark brunette and typically falls a little past her shoulders in length, curling slightly. In her public life it is usually up in a classy up-do, and as Necrosis secured back into a french braid, but at home and around base she rarely bothers with anything more complicated than a ponytail. She is regularly described as being pretty, although this is typically a requirement of her job as a rising celebrity. She typically keeps a natural, fresh look with minimal make-up, and doesn't wear any at all around base or when not in public eyes.


    Personality: A charming, well-educated young lady, Lilith is the paradigm of British class. She has attended some of the best schools in the world, yet a hard-working father ensured that she remained down to earth and prevented snobbishness and close-mindedness from taking hold. Although unaware of her powers until her early teens, Lily was a supporter of super-humans from a young age, seeing only potential heroes in those that her peers branded as freaks. Although this made her somewhat of a pariah in her early years, it has reflected only too well on her in recent years, with supers praising her kindness and warmth, and generally making her look good. Gracious and elegant, Lilith in public life is forming a sharp contrast to many other celebrities in the city.

    In her life as a super hero, Lilith has been used as a human shield for the best part of ten years. This has never bothered her much in the past, having signed up the role willingly, but recent events are leading her to believe that she and her abilities are being taken for granted. Although she often playfully flirted with her old partner, she has been known to run a mile at the first sign of romance. She happily acts as mother hen to the young recruits,and those who remain young at heart, but supers her own age often complain that she is a little cool and downright hard to get to know. She is particularly touchy about her past, especially about the deaths of her mother and older sister and as well as how she discovered her powers. What is known by a very select few is that both of these things have to do with the night terrors of her days as a young recruit.

    Powers: Rapid cell regeneration, with limited pain negation.

    While many supers possess some degree of regenerative abilities, Lilith's is one of the most powerful ever recorded, bordering on outright immortality. She is immune to illness, easily recovers from what should be mortal wounds within seconds, repair broken bone in minutes and can even regenerate brain tissue and nerves if given time. She can be killed, of course, and has 'died' on various other occasions when she sustained too much damage to recover from at once. When given time however, or given a shot of her own blood, she can resurrect herself once her body has healed enough to do so. Her healing rate when 'dead' however, is a lot slower than that when she is 'alive'.

    Lily is almost fully immune to the effects of poisons, drugs, alcohol and anesthetic, much to her own irritation. While a definite positive for a lot of people, Lily finds it hard to get any kind of 'buzz' from alcohol, and likewise when her ability to cancel out pain runs out, she is immune to the effects of any numbing or pain-killing agents. Also, in order to keep both of her abilities in full working order, she must eat a minimum of 3-4000 calories a day and get between 9 and 12 hours of sleep a night. Lilith's abilities also come with another often nasty side effect; her brain refuses to shut down until it cannot take anymore. Lily has remained fully conscious, without her pain negating ability, through the complete crushing of both her legs and one arm in the accident that killed her mother and sister. Lilith's fighting style also heavily incorporates her own ability to heal; anything impeding that also affects her ability to fight.

    Lilith's abilities are transferable through her bodily fluids, granting the recipient a watered down version for a short period of time. The effects are strongest with a blood transfusion, which almost fully mimics her own abilities for up to two hours. Even her tears and kisses have been known to heal smaller wounds. However, Lily's blood is AB+, which means that she can only donate to others with the same blood type, or she will kill the recipient almost instantly.

  7. Hm...How is she against radiation? I mean, I assume she can heal from it, but it's a special kind of poison - it's raw, dangerous energy. I'm thinking of someone with radioactive power who became a villian mainly because of his powers, good never really being an option.

    The only other thing I can think of is an idea for an interdimensional baddie who is perhaps just as invulnerable as she is. Whichever idea sounds better to you I'll elaborate on.

    Oh, sorry! Didn't see the part about PM. Let me just copy/paste this.
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  8. @Quiet One

    Radiation; I have to say that's a good one. She could heal from the burns easily enough but the rest wouldn't be so easy for her.
  9. Okay. In that case nevermind the PM I sent you. It basically says the same thing. I'm going to go for now, but if you want I'll give you a sort of character sheet of my own later. It won't be as thorough as yours, sadly. I really liked that, too. You had a real comic book origin going on there.
  10. Villian Name: Fallout

    Gender: Male

    Secret Identity: One of the downsides of being a villian is not having one. The first time you're caught, everyone pretty much knows who you are. His real name though is Eddy Chetski.

    Appearance: For being dangerously radioactive Eddy looks mostly normal. He's of an average height of about 5' 8", with a stocky but not especially brutish build. His hair is an orangish brown. His skin is a little pale and even glows white in absolute darkness and his veins are clearly visible through it. His eyes, especially when his powers are active, appear to be every color at once. His eyes have a haunted look about him from lack of sleep (he can see through his eyelids, making sleep difficult).

    Costume: Another thing hard to acquire from being on the wrong side of the law. Often wears thick polyester because anything made of ordinary cotton would burn off him. Thick leather is typically tough enough, too, so he wears thick leather boots with a special plastic inner coating. Fallout generally keeps his arms bare in a fight so he can give his enemies a full dose of radiation.

    Personality: Eddy idolized heroes growing up. He wanted to be one, and at first it looked like he might be on his way. He had the resistance that typically went with superheroes. Unfortunately, his dreams of being a superhero were dashed when it was discovered he was only immune to radiation. From one misuse and dismissal after another, he grew increasingly distrusting and withdrawn from any kind of authority. After the accident, the military attempted to weaponize him, and that was the last straw. He has no specific goals. Most of the time he just wants to live his life (what life it can be called), but he's done time for general mayhem. All he really has to do is see a cop and a fight will usually start. Against a superhero it's a dead certainty. In all his life he only remembers one person who ever said she believed in him, in his now long dead dream of being a superhero: a rich, sweet girl named Lily.

    Powers: Highly radioactive, with mild cell regeneration. Fallout is a walking nuclear reactor.

    Eddy's natural predisposition against radiation may not have gotten him the chance to become a superhero, but it did give him his first job as nuclear lab technician. It meant he could go anywhere in the reactors without suffering the ill effects of radiation. What was normally safe for just a few minutes he could withstand for hours. However, there was something not fully understood about his abilities. He wasn't just immune to radiation. He absorbed it.

    A nuclear meltdown happened at the plant he was working at. It would've been the next Chernobyl, but Eddy had absorbed all of the excess energy. So much, in fact, that the core of his body began to generate small fission reactions. He was a walking power plant, a nuclear weapon.

    It didn't take long for someone to see him that way. Nuclear weapons were of course illegal but super humans didn't technically qualify. While the military tried to see if his raw power could be tapped, they were inadvertently giving him weapons against them. He learned to burn anything he touched with raw nuclear energy. This same energy formed a protective skin around his body that caused anything dangerous - flesh, weapons, bullets - to simply burn or melt as it came near him. Prolonged exposure to him can lead to radiation sickness. For this reason, he spends a lot of time wandering aimlessly, alone.
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  11. @Quiet One

    I got the PM as I posted here. >> Thank you, I've played as Lily a couple of times before, so I've had time to flesh her out a bit.

    I'll get the thread up in a few.

    PS: I adore Eddy~ :)
  12. I'm very interested in the engaged princess x personal guard rp :) pm me if you're up for it and we can knock out the details!
  13. Is it going to be one of those things where it takes a few days? I'll wait, I just want to know.
  14. @Quiet One
    Sorry; something came up last night and I didn't get a chance to finish it. The thread should be up later this evening. I'll give you a heads up if it takes any longer than that.
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