In Search Of A Partner!



A girl is told she is to be married and to someone she has never met! Nor does she even know his name! She fears its going to be to an old man that is on his death bed and in need of a son and because he has money they are forcing her into his bed! There is no way Annette Marie will be doing any such thing. She decides it is better to just runaway and never look back and so the night before she is to meet her husband to be she runs away. She doesn't get far before she is captured by slave traders and is forced into slavery. It is here that she is bought by a young man who seems quite upset and angry and the reason for that soon becomes clear. He was to be married but his bride is gone.

As you can guess the girl he has bought is his bride to be! I was thinking he doesn't find out for a while. I am looking for someone to play a guy who is a tad spoiled and who has a mean streak. Maybe he even comes off as cold hearted but she wins his heart and he soon falls in love with her but its hard for him to show it in kind ways. Maybe she is even mute or acts like she is? We can discuss this further so if intrested message me!