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  1. Hello all, I would like to have a partner who would be willing to do a high school rp with me where it's Good/Smart girl X Bad boy, you know like the troublemaker and that sort. I'm sure you all know this type of pairing. If anyone's interesting, let me knew through posting her or PM. I am fine with either.

    Just a quick bit about me if it will help you,

    - I like FxM pairings, with me being the girl.
    - Right now I have been kind of busy but I still want to RP this and I can still post for the most part often depending on the time of day.
    - I'm fine with Rping in thread or PM.
    - I'll end up asking you want you like and don't like because I want us to enjoy and make the Rp together.
  2. Hi! Sorry if I do this wrong, I'm a bit new to this website but I have six years of roleplay experience and I would really like to RP with you. Though...again I don't know how everything works so if I mess up I apologize. ^_^ If you want to RP with me just let me know and I might ask how it works every now and then but I promise a good RP.
  3. Sure, we can role-play and I'll try to help out when you get confused about something. Though I'm not the best at explaining things, I'll do my best to help.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.