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    So I love DeviantArt and I found his lovely lady on there today. She gave me the idea of trying something possibly pirate themed! I was thinking that she could be a captain of a ship, part of the ships crew or someone who was captured at a port where the ship had docked. I was possibly thinking that she could also be in the steampunk era and we could somehow work something out. Or it can even be in the wild wild west with cowboys and standoffs and old saloons!

    I am always open to other peoples ideas as well. I like to think I'm flexible that way.

    My partner can be male or female. I have no preference really. As long as we are cohesive writers and get along I will more than likely really really like you!

    Have a lovely evening/day/morning. :)
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  2. It kinda reminds me of one piece actually
  3. Has this request already been filled?
  4. Sort of. But I am always looking for more partners. :)
  5. I would like to do some kind of FxF with you of that's ok
  6. Of course! Please PM me. :)
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