In Search of a fun RP partner.

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  1. Hallo! I'm an old timer here at Iwaku and I was wondering if anyone was willing to do an RP with me. I seem to like One x One rps better just because it's easier to keep track of. So if anything strikes your fancy, reply or pm me (I promise I'm not mean).

    What I would like:
    -A partner that has very lengthy and thought out posts. That means at least a paragraph along with a good sense of grammar and spelling. I've worked with some rpers who don't really seem to grasp the importance of grammar and spelling when it comes to writing and soon enough, I'll get frustrated and unmotivated.
    -A frequent player. I DO get busy sometimes, but nonetheless I like doing this so I try to at least make some time for it. Also, I know that people are busy and that people do have a life, so if you're going to be gone for a bit, please make sure to tell me so I don't think you just ran off with a huff.
    -A player that either plays frequently as a male or can double up. I play usually a female character, however, I think it's about time I try to venture out of my comfort zone and start writing as a male character.

    Ideas? Why yes.
    -Drama (high school or just an casual environment, doesn't matter, I like writing drama)
    -Paranormal (demons, angels, vampires (no not Twilight, ugh), faeries, etc.)
    -Romance (kind of goes with the drama)
    -Steampunk (I'm a huge steampunk fangirl, however, I haven't really gone into writing it. So writing steampunk would be fun)
    -Any idea you would like to throw at me.

    Please feel free to contact me. I'm quite sociable. Thanks!
  2. I am inteerested. Parnormal would work for my Djinn character, but it's a female. I can play both a male and female? If that's what you'd prefer.
  3. Yeah, sure. I would like to play a female character, you can double up as you like, I probably will as well. Send me a PM about your ideas, and we'll talk about it.
  4. Hiya! I'd be interested in RPing with you as well, if you'll take more than one partner. I should be fine with your general minimum, and I tend to obsess over grammar and spelling (even if I don't always catch my mistakes, I'm fairly good most of the time. I think so, anyway). I love one on one roleplays over groups, and can be fairly active. If I have to be away for more than a day or so, so long as I know, I try to make it known...But I don't always know- for example, I'd warn you if it was possible I'd be losing power, since we've had issues with storms by me. So far we're safe during this blizzard though. Didn't lose power! I'm relieved by it.

    Anyway... I have to admit, I prefer playing female, but I do play males as long as the story catches my interest. I can also double up, and often enjoy it anyway, so that helps there too. I've been feeling a bit overloaded with males, but...I can still do it if needed. Basically, give me a story I like and my character fits, and I'm happy.

    In terms of the genre you noted, I'm fine with drama/romance (I agree, they tend to work well together) and paranormal. I don't really 'get' steampunk, so I'm gonna have to pass on that. It just doesn't hit me, so to speak. But otherwise...The other genre are all good, and even a mix is always fine with me. So...Yep. I'm interested if you are.