In Search of a Co-GM to run a Science Fiction RP!

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    As the title suggests, I'm looking for somebody to help create and run a Science Fiction RP!

    We will be discussing via PM's the basics of this world: is it set in our universe, is it in a galaxy far far away, is it a fandom, all that fun stuff. We'll also talk about what elements we both would like to see in this world and how they're incorporated.

    I personally would like the idea we come up with to have tons of room for expansion and give us down thing that we'll be wanting to continue for the foreseeable future. I'll elaborate more on what I'd like to do in terms of my concepts and cravings for a Sci-Fi RP when we start talking, but I'd love to hear your concepts as well. I may disagree with them or not like the ideas, but hey, that's when we either part ways or try to figure out something else. That being said, you may not like the ideas I come up with either. All I ask is that whoever you are, you're good enough to offer common curiosity and be polite in our discussions. After all, if the GM's can't work together, then the RP won't be a success.

    Anyways, post below if you're interested and provide a brief example of a Sci-Fi concept you've had in the past (be it an alien species, planet, or even a full-fledged RP)​
  2. I'm interested. I certainly seem to have the time to devote to things anyway, and tossing ideas around can always be fun.

    I'm not sure how brief an example you want for concepts, but I've had a few. To sum one up in very few words, I always like living ships and biotechnology, so I tend to enjoy playing with them as ideas in general.

    For something a bit more concrete, I have a partially-finished cyberpunk-style setting, in which combat cyborgs have become a common. Just about ever one of several factions use them in their warfare, and they all tend to see them a bit differently. "Normal" humanity has more or less won the culture wars, so the transhumanism isn't currently running completely off the wall, and normal people are fine the way they are, rather than actively seeking "augmentations" of any sort. military cyborgs in some areas are waiting for the time when they can go back to a civilian life and more normal body. And then I dropped some alien monsters in all this so there was something to do other than fights between different factions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.