in search of a 1x1 to fill the empty space....

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  1. I am no longer 12-13 hour days, and have found that even with working 8 hours, I have too much time..
    So! I am looking for someone, or even multiple roleplays!
    I type fast, so I can tackle a large amount of typing in a short amount of time! So do not worry about length, or how many I am in. I will ALWAYS find time.
    I love Fantasy, and other such things. I am open for anything really.
    I do have a few ideas, so if you are interested, and cannot come up with an idea, then I can help you out!

  2. I put up a shapeshifter idea if you wanna check it out :3
  3. I'd like to roleplay with you anytime :D. Anything you could make up would be awesome! Pm me maybe?
  4. @Theory: I would love to! that would be so much fun! I have not done a shape shifter on in a long time!
  5. cool ^^ I'll post up that starting post and you can do with it as you choose. I don't plan out much of my stories so your free to literally do anything you see fit to be fun.
  6. Awesome! Ya, just PM me the link, I will get right into it!