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  1. I'm still quite new here and don't really have any partners to role play with. I prefer male x male relationships and any plot would do to me. If you would like to start a conversation with me to plot characters and stories, I don't mind. If you just wanna wing it, that's fine with me as well. Anyone could do for role playing! I really don't mind!
  2. *raises hand* I'm here and I RP that shizz :3
  3. Awesome!
  4. Hehe~ I'd love to RP anytime~
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  5. Awesome! Alright, I'll message you later then. I literally just woke up and have to get ready for school, okay?
  6. Fair enough XD know those feels (not for long, school break starts in around 48 hours) have fun at school
  7. I'd be up for it.^^
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  8. Awesome! I'll message you when I have a chance, because I just woke up and I plan on going back to sleep soon after my threads.
  9. Hehee, okay. XD ^^
  10. Hi! I'd also be interested in doing an rp with you (I meant to ask yesterday, but I wasn't sure if you were still looking :] ) please bare with me because I'm something of a slow RPier because of being pretty busy at the moment.. but I can't resist m+m rps :]
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  11. That's awesome! I am happy to role play with you! And that's okay! If you look at my profile, I can be quite slow too, hahaha. I love to role play, ESPECIALLY, M x M. So, don't ever to be afraid to ask me!
  12. Awesome! I've replied to your pm :] *jumps up and down happily*
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