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  1. I'm still quite new here and don't really have any partners to role play with. I prefer male x male relationships and any plot would do to me. If you would like to start a conversation with me to plot characters and stories, I don't mind. If you just wanna wing it, that's fine with me as well. Anyone could do for role playing! I really don't mind!
  2. *raises hand* I'm here and I RP that shizz :3
  3. Awesome!
  4. Hehe~ I'd love to RP anytime~
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  5. [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]Awesome! Alright, I'll message you later then. I literally just woke up and have to get ready for school, okay?[/BCOLOR]
  6. Fair enough XD know those feels (not for long, school break starts in around 48 hours) have fun at school
  7. I'd be up for it.^^
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  8. Awesome! I'll message you when I have a chance, because I just woke up and I plan on going back to sleep soon after my threads.
  9. Hehee, okay. XD ^^
  10. Hi! I'd also be interested in doing an rp with you (I meant to ask yesterday, but I wasn't sure if you were still looking :] ) please bare with me because I'm something of a slow RPier because of being pretty busy at the moment.. but I can't resist m+m rps :]
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  11. That's awesome! I am happy to role play with you! And that's okay! If you look at my profile, I can be quite slow too, hahaha. I love to role play, ESPECIALLY, M x M. So, don't ever to be afraid to ask me!
  12. Awesome! I've replied to your pm :] *jumps up and down happily*
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