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  1. Now face to face, should they let their feelings win over?

    When two friends who have known each other for years solely through the internet meet in person, their newly discovered feelings for each other spark contradictory feelings within themselves.
    Their feelings wouldn't be a problem if they each didn't have significant others and live so far apart.
    Should they give their love a chance, or should they keep their relationship friendly?​

  2. Name: Miles Ackner

    Online username: MilesToGo

    Age: 19

    Location: Georgia, USA

    Physical appearance description: Like the picture, only Miles has a darker, chocolate brown hair color and blue-grey eyes.

    Personality: Miles is generally an adventurous, care-free guy. He's in the moment, always joking and smiling. He often says sarcastic or flirtatious comments, although he's hardly ever serious. When it does come to a serious or intimate moment, Miles may get nervous or awkward and try to pass things as a joke.

    Bio: As a college student, Miles shares an apartment with his roommate, Brent, in the average-sized college town of Statesboro. His girlfriend, Scarlett, attends the same college, although since they're on break, she has gone home to visit her nearby family.

    Miles makes money as a waiter in a restaurant where his uniform is a button-up white shirt, black tie, and black pants.

    His father, mother and 15 year old sister live about three hours away from him, so he doesn't go to see them very often, but he constantly gets calls from his protective mother.
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  3. Name: Evangeline Adams.

    Online username: Evastic.

    Age: 19

    Location: Florida, USA.

    Physical appearance description or picture:

    Personality: Eva is a hyper, loud, always cheerful person. She can find something positive in anything she does and she herself also brings out positivity in others. Her friends and family mean the world to her and she always has a good time with them. But when its time to be serious Eva is a very responsible person. She will often play dramatical, but its all jokes and no hard feelings. She is a party animal, long sleeping, pizza loving, caring, carefree girl.

    Bio: On every video Eva has of herself when she was little, but big enough to stand on her own, there is a shot of her ''acting.'' Princess, mermaid, witch...The love for acting has always been in Eva. And today she is attending a good acting college that her aunt Maggie is paying for her. On the side she does fast swimming, another passion of hers she has been mending since she was 12 years old.

    Until she started attending highschool Eva lived with her parents as an only child. They lived near a small town around Florida, and it just wasn't enough for Eva. She wanted to see more. So, when the time to be a highschooler came Eva moved to live with her aunt, visiting her parents every break she had. She does the same now that shes in college. Her parents don't mind Eva being away. Having big positions at ''Apple'' they were never around much anyway, but their family is still as loving as always.

    Eva never had a job or real responsibilities outside of school, and that can sometimes be seen. She is terrible at cooking, and housing chores, among other things.
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