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Silver or Red?

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  1. Hello there prospective RP partner! First off I'd just like to say thanks for checking this thread out and giving my possibly mediocre RP plot a chance ;p

    What I had in mind was your classic alternate universe centered around a caste system or monarchy. Its basically a mash up of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Bone City universes. Although it will heavily be based on the new novel, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. You really do not have to have any prior knowledge of the books I just described right now except for a few key ones such as:

    The monarchy or Silvers and the servitude of Reds.

    Silvers - Powerful beings with differing supernatural abilities and blood the color of silver. Their powers vary from one to another and there has never been one born with two abilities.

    Reds - Normal humans (or mundane ;p) who work under the Silvers reign. Unlike the Silvers they do not possess any powers and bleed red blood instead of silver.

    Arenas - Built in or around/near most Red Villages to see the annual First Friday (of every month). Basically this is where Silvers fight each other in the Arena with the audience of Reds in the lower (hot, very uncomfortable) area while the traveling Silvers are located in the top area (with air conditioner and actual seats instead of wooden benches). Its mandatory to attend whether you like it or not. Some Reds are even rewarded for doing so (if they yell and at least pretend to be the most enthusiastic).

    Silver Powers:

    Animos - The ability to control animals.
    Blood Healer - The ability to heal ones self (not found in arenas)
    Burner - Can control the element of Fire. (They have bracelets that lets loose a small spark which they can easily manipulate into a raging inferno).
    Cloner - Able to clone one self.
    Eyes - (forgot -_- does not help that the wiki is underdeveloped too)
    Greenwarden - The power to control plants.
    Magnetron - Control over metal (silver, copper, lead, etc.)
    Nymph - The ability to control water (such as moisture in the air).
    Oblivion - The dangerous ability to destroy anything with one touch of a finger.
    Shadow - The ability to control light (to become invisible and other creative ways you can use with that power).
    Shiver - (...I don't think I've even read this far to find out yet ^^;)
    Silence - The ability to prevent or stop the ability of other Silvers. (Basically the power to nullify other powers).
    Silk - (Again this power has slipped my mind ^^;)
    Singer - The ability to control others minds or choices with words (although they must make eye contact first).
    Skin Healer - The ability to heal others (but not themselves).
    Stoneskin - Speaks for itself. Ones skin turns into that of a hard rock like complexion.
    Storm - The ability to control the weather to an extent.
    Strongarm - Muscle bound Silvers with the ability to pulverize solid concrete with one punch. (common in arenas).
    Swift - Fast, incredibly quick silvers. ( Common in arenas)
    Telkies - The ability to control things with their minds. (levitating objects/people) (Common in arenas)
    Whisper - A rare talent even among silvers. The ability to break into ones mind and control every choice/ physically manipulate the body.
    Windweaver - The ability to control air.

    Silver Houses:

    • Arven - Silence
    • Blonos
    • Calore - Burner - Red, black, and silver
    • Carros - Strongarm
    • Eagrie - Eyes
    • Gliacon - Shivers
    • Haven - Shadows - Black
    • Iral - Silks - Dark blue and red
    • Jacos - Singers
    • Laris - Windweaver
    • Lerolan - Oblivion - Orange and red
    • Macanthos - Blood healers

    • Merandus - Whisper - Navy blue and white
    • Nolle - Storm
    • Nornus
    • Osanos - Nymphs - Blue and green
    • Provos - Telky - Gold and black
    • Rhambos - Strongarm - Brown and red
    • Samos - Magnetron - Black and silver
    • Skonos
    • Titanos - Oblivion - Purple and silver
    • Tyros
    • Viper - Animos - Green and black
    • Welle - Greenwarden - Green and gold
    Straight from the Wiki! (Because even I don't have that great of a memory ^^;)
    NOTE: Calore is the Silver Royalty

    You probably already know where this going but I'm just gonna go ahead and annoyingly say it anyways. I was thinking about a Silver Prince x Red. Although I'm open to any and all other plot suggestions! What little info I managed to scavenge up there is totally yours to mold into any interesting story you'd like to to play out.

    If you're still interested after that long winded explanation comment down below to let me know (and help advertise this RP ;p) or PM me when you have the chance.
  2. I'm interested. But I have only read Hunger games, will the fact that I'm not familiar with Divergent, and the Bone City universes be a problem?
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  3. No not at all ^^ It just generally has elements that all three of those books have. The only prior knowledge you need to be somewhat aware of are the ones I've listed above. Even them I'm not that strict on it and am open to a lot more ideas over the plot.
  4. Alright! Shoot me a pm and we'll talk some more about the plot and all!
  5. :D Coming your way in just a sec ^^
  6. Hello!

    I'm totally down for this. When it is not 5am for I will shoot you a PM and we can talk about this more.
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  7. Totally interested. Really cool fleshed out idea. Still looking for more RP partners?
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  8. Always :) Just give me a PM and we can work out the plot sir/madam ^^
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