In need of some RP partners! [OnexOne]

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  1. Hello there! (o3o)/ Looking for someone to roleplay with?

    So, I've been in a sort of disinterested mood with group roleplays for a bit and I'd like to do something that intrigues me rather than waiting for a thread to pop up. I'd really rather do [MxF] centric roleplay, but I'm alright with [FxF] as well, but more so in a platonic way, and I'm fine with roleplaying as a male or a female.

    I do enjoy romance that builds in a story, (though it's fine if it never happens within one) and if there is sex, descriptive or intense language is fine with me. But you're more comfortable just fading to black, then that's completely fine as well.

    I'm not picky, but please, no one-liners! I understand everyone starts from somewhere, and that sometimes people enter creative slumps. However, I'm interested in really creating a plot that's got some tricky tricks and turns, with unique and eccentric characters. So I'd prefer it if you've got a little bit of experience with roleplaying.I don't shy away from most genres, but I don't do furry or yaoi. (Sorry!)

    Of course, I'm looking for someone semi-active, as I don't want to wait a whole week for a post. Once a day is the minimum, and obviously, if you have real life activities and duties to attend to, just let me know! I promise I won't abandon you in the middle of one, but if I did have to, I'd at least let you know out of courtesy!

    Oh, and I prefer to do the RP by PM, just because I respond a lot faster in that way if I am away from my laptop. I am searching for more than one partner, so ask away!

    Genres I'm really interested in doing (in no particular order):

    Survival Horror


    Medieval Fantasy




    Fandoms that I would like to do:

    Game of Thrones

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Or just the Elder Scrolls series overall)

    The Last of Us


    Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts

    Marvel Universe


    Don't be afraid to comment below! Or you can PM me with questions or a request! :3​
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  2. I like your ideas.

    Let's talk RP~?

    And our birthday's are three-days apart. Neat.
  3. Sure!

    Do you mind if we move this to a PM conversation?

    And that is pretty gosh-darn cool. Yay for close birthdays!
  4. Hmm i'd like an The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim roleplay but also are you up for a scientistxexperiment roleplay?
  5. Hello! Nice to meet you.

    I'd be interested in a Medieval Fantasy if you are still looking for partners?
  6. i would love to do last of us just PM me! If you like, i have an RP going on based on the last of us
  7. @Elyasi I would be interested in doing an original fantasy story or finally throwing my hat into Persona. Totally at your digression, I'm interested in both. ^^
  8. What final fantasy games would you be interested in rp'ing?
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