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  1. ((Sorry in advance for large picture files. ooops))

    So I've figured it's time to do some hunting for a few more roleplays to keep my boredom at bay. Normally I go searching through other's but so many are reasonably old threads and/or have a lot of responses to them ( not saying that's a bad thing ;P )

    Anyway. So I don't have any specific plot ideas per se, but I've been feeling the need to get back into some female characters and have two lovely newly made ladies that are looking for something to do. I do well with Fantasy themes and I adore elves. Modern is fine, medieval is fine, but a mix of both and random things thrown in are even better. Hit me up if you're interested and we can share some more ideas.

    Kyri Yang
    Mage/Sorceress (or something of the like)
    Can be played between ages of 17 and 25
    Can be straight or bi.



    Rua'van / Ruby
    Elf in design
    Can be used for any theme
    Roughly 24-27
    Can be straight or bi.​
  2. I understand this may sound odd but I was bored and looking though posts and found this one, and if you were still looking for a partner i would be more than happy to offer my services.
  3. I know this was posted almost a week ago, but are you still looking for a partner?
  4. I'll be interested in rping with Ruby if you're still looking for a partner.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.