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  1. Okay, so I placed this as a request because...well that's technically what it is. I've started working on some rough lines for a couple character sketches of mine...

    I'm fairly satisfied with both character roughs currently BUT! I don't know what the next best step would be. So any input/help from all you digital illustrators out there would be great.

    Here's what's going on right now:​

    As stated, both are rough sketches and a lot of details are being worked out still.​
  2. haiii Huntress :D

    Just to clarify, have you decided on the sort of style you wish to pursue with these pieces and want input on the process on how to go about it, or is that you haven't decided what style and you're looking for opinions on what might work best for these characters?
  3. I have no answer to either of your questions @Lady Amalthea.

    I mean, obviously the line art is showing that the drawings aren't in an anime style and not in a childish cartoon-y design either.

    So in the final product I'm thinking they might end up a little more semi-realistic/American Comic book style.

    But ideally I would love to go for something like any of these:
  4. Well, artgerm has a livestream for the survivor piece:

    you have to scroll down a little, but it shows his colouring process for it. Looks like he starts with a dark flat layer and building up with a soft brush using muted tones to get the atmosphere of the picture right, and then slowly adding in more saturated colours so as not to use the darker feel. The software he's using doesn't look 100% familliar to me (looks kind of like photoshop but not) but I think you could use any software for it so long as you had a soft brush.

    the 'Dota 2' piece, I imagine, uses a similar process but using more vibrant flat colours to start with. Both are common processes, but I think he really spends alot of time on rendering the shadows and lighting, even the subtle parts, and that's what makes his style distinctive imo ^^


    I could be wrong, but the greek warrior piece coloured by Allain Leon looks like it uses soft colouring, a couple hard brush highlights, and then a noise filter whacked on for some texture. I'd recommend pursuing some other ways of applying texture though, noise filters look quite uniform sometimes and a little unrealistic. But again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it could be a style you're aiming for.

    hmmm. Gonzo has some tutorials but not of this style which is kind of more like an illustration. I would say he used a hard round on the face and hands, and a textured brush on the robe and background. Might just be standard photoshop brushes. I'd say they're all set to high opacity and flow, there's nothing soft about this image. He may have had a 'black' layer on top set to multiply for the major areas of shadow to make sure he didn't lose them while colouring, but I'm just speculating at this point.

    but yeah, for the most part it'll be flat colours next and then building up the shadows/highlights. Having a couple references for the light source is always bundles of help for getting the people looking realistic. Also, if you're going for a comic book style, may I recommend Wolf Amoung Us sort of style for the guy?

    it's dead simple: black for the shadows, a cold colour for the ambient light, and a warm colour for the main lightsource, and a nice texture on top.

    Anyway, that's just some suggestions :3 Your lineart is already gorgeous and I really love the blue girl in particular xD