In Need of some 1x1s please!

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  1. Hello! I a searching for some one on one partners because i've hit a bit of a slow spot. Below are my details. Also feel free to check my mature and regular resumes.

    1. I like rping over forum, messenger, or email.

    2. I rp mxf pairings only, and I prefer to play female.

    3. Romance is a must. XD I hope that's not a problem. And I don't mean sex, though that is fine too.

    4. I will rp nearly any genre though fantasy is one of my bigger ones. I do a ton of things, way to many for me to list, and I don't really have a craving right now, so you'll just have to post and see if I say yay or nay. More than likely I will give it a shot.

    5. I also will do anime and some fandoms!

    6. Literacy or length doesn't matter to me, though I like long posts sometimes, just keep it interesting and we'll be cool!

    7. Please by all means, IF YOU LOST INTEREST TELL ME! I hate waiting on replys and clearing out subscriptions like i'm having to do now.

    Thanks guys!
  2. I'd be willing to RP with you. I usually don't wait to reply, and if you end up waiting awhile it's 'cause I'm busy with something. I could play as a male parnter in a romance. :)
  3. I'm a big fan of fantasy too. :3 I can be pretty passive in romance stuff sometimes, but hey, I'm willing to step a bit out of my comfort zone to try something new if you want to RP with me. I'd be more than happy to stick to a male character for ya.
  4. @Mooglegirl I pmed you