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  1. Hi!I am in need of some RP partners.I like fantasy and sic-fi/dystopia roleplays with action and unexpected twists. I love powers, magic, werewolves,vampires etc. I am okay with romance but nothing very smutty and gross i guess. I will play boy, girl or even animal. I will take on anyone with any level i don't care about proper grammar or if u use numbers and all that jazz.I really don't hate much just not so much smut. I will try and post when i can when my summer break comes it will be easier. But i probably won't post everyday so i will be patent with u if ur patient with me. If ur interested plz post in my thread!! THNX
  2. Hello! I would love to join you! We seem to be mostly the same in our interests! =D Anyway, I would love to be your rp partner =)
  3. Sweet sorry i am late i have had a crazy week!!!
  4. alright u want me to set the seen or u can idc
  5. You should please

    I've got to go for now, but I'll be back in a little while!
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  6. in the middle of the night is when they all show the monsters they are and can not control what pains they cause deep in the forests of carolina no one knows where we come from nit even we do. Pain rips threw our skin as we turn our glistening faces towards the moon grasping to remember who we are but it is to late. Deep in the night they walk,run,hunt,kill, and feed on ANYTHING in sight. When they wake they are truly themselves and can't remember the damage done. Will they ever? PAIN of the very sight of the moon. Never gotten too close to anyone cuz they new they would end up dead. Wat a monsters life though we dnt like being called monsters we just have a incurable condition......WOODS all around we dnt wanna live to close to so-called normal people. In the depth of the dark two siblings find there first loves.......DEAD that when the first killings happened.....they dnt know what happened their parents just moved them far from there hometown and never got told why.....will we ever know shadow asks her sister???
  7. ((sorry about my lateness in replying, I forgot to watch the thread))

    She shook her head. "I..I don't know." she replied.
  8. shadow's twin brother walks in "we have all been wondering that for years now when are they going to realize we are old enough". "who know's mabey the will not ever think we are old enough knowing them" shadow says sternly and sadly with a pout on her face. "another thing why are we all put in those cages when the night as the moon rises do either of you have the slightest idea" he says with a voice like stone. "no" shadow says even more sadly. "Do you sis" shadow and her brother ask in a quiet unison.
  9. She shook her head again, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. "I-I don't know"
  10. Shadow and Jonny( shadow's twin) slouched with a doubtful pout. Shadow turned to Jonny "So what did you really come up for?" "Time for dinner" he said with a slight smirk. A few moments later after a pause of death silence Shadow said "Isn't it a bit early for dinner". Another long pause and blank stares around the room. "They said something about....." Jonny began when are little sister Mirene came in and blurted "Time for hunting". The others stared at her and Jonny finished his thought " They said something about hunting". The longest pause began all frozen to go downstairs. They had no weapons to hunt. "How", Shadow asks scared to hear the answer.
  11. She shrugged. "I don't know that either."
  12. All shaking as they make there ways downstairs. "Mirene honey you go back to your nap and you and mommy can play a gamewhen you wake up," dad says once they are all downstairs with Mirene trailing behind them. "But i wanna hunt," she says with a pout and paining eyes. "Sweetheart this is just for the three eldest. You and I can play hide and seek with your little brother and Sally from down the road i just called her and she is on her way over," mom said with a soothing smile. Mirene smiled and ran upstairs to change. Mom trails slowly behind stopping to look at dad. "How are we gonna hunt with no weapons" Jonny blurts out once mom and Mirene are out of earshot. "Follow me," he says walking outside. They all follow earnestly but Shadow and Jonny's sister. "whats wrong," Shadow stops and asks when Jonny and dad are talking to one another and out of earshot.
  13. ((I'm getting a little confused. Who am I here? Sorry, I thought it would make sense after I read a little bit))
  14. (u r there younger sister not mirene but one who is only a year younger u can pick her name)
  15. ((Okie Dokie. She's Kate))

    "I-I just don't know how we're gonna hunt." She said quietly.
  16. "Look I am scared to find out as well Kate but we need to eat right," Shadow says tugging on the hem of Kate's sleeve.
  17. She sighed. "I guess so." She followed after her brother.
  18. "What took you girls so long," there dad asked once deeper in the woods standing in front of them. A long wisp of air and a few seconds of silence comes and goes. "we she wants us to hunt for," shadow says nervously but trying to seem normal as possible. " And Kate what does she want us to hunt for he says staring down Kate with a smug look on his face.
  19. Kate stood as comfortably as she could. "She doesn't really care." She said, her face completely void of emotion as to hide any giveaways.
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