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  1. hey hey

    so...i recently found this side and i've decided to give it a go. i go >.>

    my request is pretty simple, really

    • if we're to do a MxF, i'd much prefer play the female role, if that's all right. i've been playing lots of testosterone filled characters lately...i'd like a change.
    • i am willing to do MxM because i find them really fun to roleplay. though i'd much prefer to be submissive. (again with the testosterone thing) that, and i need to get better at playing uke...
    • i can get kinky if that's what you like or i can keep it light and fluffy. i'm rather experienced both ways
    • someone literate would be greatly appreciated :) two paragraphs or more would be very nice
    • i have a list of random pairings i'll be posting and those with a '*' are the roles i'd prefer to play.
    best friend/best friend*
    friends with benefits

    i'm open to anything fantasy as well
    and of course, i'd be more than willing to hear any ideas you have
    i simply do not do anything sci-fi related ^^' sorreh

    anywho, anyone game?
    or have i scared everyone away? ;~;
  2. The teacher [x] student and vampire [x] human ideas are very interesting. PM me so we can RP together
  3. The rich/poor rp sounds interesting :D I have a character for that, too. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to do this mxm, but I'd be fine doing it as a fxm if you're really adamant. If you want, we can plot here or you can pm me :D
  4. I would love to do an angelxdemon or vampirexhuman rp :)
  5. Very interested in an police/thief rp! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.