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  1. Hello!
    So I have been pretty MIA since the last time I got on here. I do apologize. But, know that I think I have a schedule down I can get back to doing this! (Cause I missed it so damn much) Any-way! I am not picky at the momet trust me I just really wanna role play! So if you can do the following!

    ~Reply at least once every few days
    ~Know how to have fun
    ~Want to brain storm or have ideas we can do
    ~Can manage at least 1-2 paragraphs

    I think we can have some fun!
  2. Hey! I might be interested....what'd you have in mind to do?
  3. I'm interested. c:
  4. Well if you both like you can PM me and we can brain storm? XD
  5. Interested! M/F pairing preferable
  6. Interested! :D
  7. Well then! Just Pm me :3 We can try and plot something out!
  8. All of you, I really need to get back into the swing of role playing :3
  9. Interested in a FxF pairing if still open for partners
  10. PM me, I think we RPed a long time ago, can't remember. I am looking for new partners though :)
  11. Are you still looking?
  12. Awesome, shall we jump to pm's then? Bounce idea's back and forth
  13. Oh yes we should !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.