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  1. ♤Story♤

    Nothing is more humiliating then being forced to bow to a other, it is even more so when you are feared as one of the greatest warriors to walk. No more Laringda must kneel to her master, something she had never had to do in her life as royalty. Having lost her sister in battle and having lost her ability to fly this angel must be caged and bound in the chains of her captor least she unleash her full fury upon her master. This is the story of the capture and new life of Laringda Rain Summons.

    ♤Must Haves from Partners Character♤

    Must be male, Laringda is a heterosexual.
    Must be able to tame her wild heart through skill and wit, she is impervious to hypnosis and charm (reason will be revealed within story)
    Must be strong willed and tactful, she is a general.
    Must be capable of love and kidness
    Must be as tall or taller the Laringda

    ♤Must have from Partner♤

    5+ lines, at least a paragraph per response
    Reasonable response time
    Can tactfully steer the story if needed
    Free thinker

    ♤About Laringda♤
    189 years old, aproximatly 19 in mortal terms
    5' 10"
    156 lbs
    Silver hair
    Broken wings
    Slim athletic build
    Talents are singing, dancing, writing, playing piano, harp or violin
    Skills are hand to hand combat, swordmanship, quick reflexes and fast learning
    Likes are cool temps, children, white daisys, a good book and wrestling
    Dislikes are cocky people, bullies, extremely heat, and her chains
    Personality bitter, paraboid, resentful, sarcastic and angry (changes over time)

    If you have questions or wish to apply please do so below. Thank you ♡
  2. Update** Still seeking a partner for this
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.