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  1. I am still pretty new here, so I am looking for more partners. I have three ideas:

    Idea #1: The curse...the curse wasn't supposed to happen. In fact she wasn't even supposed to be born. I mistake they said, a princess with no crown or rights to be heir because there was only supposed to be one...her brother...not twins...just a single son...

    So they locked her up in a tower high above the kingdom, so no one would ever know about her. Then one day, a witch came and told the king and queen the future of their kingdom. That the prince would fall in battle and the princess would rise to take the throne. This angered them, for they didn't want to hear such things and imprisoned the witch. For imprisoning the witch, she put a curse on the poor princess....

    The curse caused the princess to turn people to stone with a single touch and and have serpent like qualities. The princess was soon run out of the kingdom by her own family. From being treated the way she had for her entire life, she excluded herself to an abandoned castle in what was once a kingdom. And she became cold as the blood that ran through her veins. And the curse would only be lifted if she found her one and only love. Who could melt her icy heart? Who would love such a thing?

    Idea#2: He was a prince all right, but didn't act like it. He was the youngest of three children. Of course he wasn't human, his family were of demon Royalty and he was adopted. Being the last descendant of an extinct race. He always seemed to be treated special because of this. Then his parents mysteriously died and his older brother took over...and then he had to run for his life. Always running and hiding. Until he found a abandoned castle, which he made his home. Many years later, rumors spread that a horrible monster lived in the castle and would kill anyone who tried to get near. So the near by villages, at the end of each month would send young girls off to be a sacrifice. And they were never seen or heard from again, being a demon, he did kill most of the girls. That is until certain female was sent to him as a sacrifice, there was something about it...something he couldn't put his finger on. But it kept him from killing her....could she be the one? The one to melt the layers of ice around his cold heart?

    Idea# 3: The main character is female and she comes from a rich family. But she developed a rare medical condition that effects her heart and blood. So she is constantly in and out of hospitals. Because of her conditions, her parents are afraid to let her go outside, so she has no friends. She is constantly lonely and wishes that she had friends or at least one friend. The doctors tell her parents that having at least one friend could help her with her conditions. Listening to the doctor's advice, they leave their daughter in the hands of the maids and servants. And they are gone for at least three days, which isn't like them. And they return with a young man, who they say is supposed to be her companion. But there is something odd about him, something that her parents won't tell her. And to make matters worse, he's cold and antisocial and really doesn't want to be friends with her.
  2. Hey Idea# 3 sounds really cool, perhaps we can add a bit of magic/fantasy in it?.
  3. Awesome and that is what I was thinking. Would you like me to send you a pm so we can discuss?
  4. Ok I shall send you one :D
  5. I'll do idea 1
  6. Yeah sorry about not responding I was slightly busy.
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