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  1. I'm overly frustrated with searching in other people's threads so I'ma put this up. I currently don't have any specific ideas but if there's something YOU want to do I may be willing to go with it. A few things:
    • I'm looking for ACTIVE people. If you're gonna go on a trip or something TELL ME. I'm not mean, i'm just angry right now, I understand that shit happens so I gotta know if I need to expect silence for a while.
    • I will ONLY play female It seems a lot of people forget to CLEARLY include what gender they will play so I'm putting it right Here^
    • I will only do a FxF pairing AFTER I get a MxF pairing. several of my rps are near the end or have died.
    • I'm a LOT more comfortable with a MxF and can be dominant or submissive however with a FxF I will need a little more help and lean towards the submissive side.
    • If I already have an rp with you please don't ask for anything. No offence but let's finish what we've got before moving on, okay?
    • I would prefer a thread but I'm not gonna push it. I have several that are through pms right now and ONE (maybe more? I forget....see?) romance/smut that's going on via thread.
    That's it. Hopefully I'll get a reply. If not then whatever, seems like 80 - 90% of Iwaku is searching for male partners so I'm seeing my chances as slim to none.


    • Vampire x vampire hunter (Vampire is dominant)
    • Hero x Villain
    • Something to do with .Hack// Or an MMO of some sort.
    • Someone from a game comes into the real world
    • Robot/cyborg/AI and creator
    • Pokemon. (doesn't have to be mature.)
    • Fatal Frame?
    • Horror
    • God x Human
    I'll add more if I can think of any.
    This indicates that I am not taking any more rps of this kind at the moment
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  2. I can play a submissive male character for you. But may I ask how active you are?
  3. Super active. I'm on as much as I can possibly be.
  4. That's great because I'm trying to find someone who will post multiple posts per day. Also, as for length I tend to range between 2/3 and 5. It's that okay with you?
  5. I can do 2. just depends on the whole idea.
  6. Very well. Do you have any plot ideas?
  7. I believe this should answer your question.
  8. OH oops forgot about that potion. Hm which would you rather do?
  9. I'm not all that picky. I'm leaning towards vampire x vampire hunter.
  10. I am once more looking for partners! I'll see if I can find some ideas!
  11. Plenty of ideas at the moment! Please look at my list!
  12. i may have an idea about a pairing pm me so i can explain :)
  13. I would REALLY like someone to do the hero x villain idea with me! Still open for partners!
  14. What kind of Hero/Villain are you looking ?
  15. Currently the availability is up in the air. It depends on how things go right now.
  16. If you have an idea for the Hero/Villain I would be interested
  17. Shoot me a message and I'll hear you out. I do enjoy playing many of the same kind.
  18. Still have parings out there. I would need time to come up with a plot but I'd rather wait until I have partners before going about and making plots.
  19. hey i wanna do a hero x villain i got some ideas already
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