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  1. Hello and thank you for checking out my thread! :3

    I don't have any specific plots, but I'll let you know up front I'm only searching for MxM. I usually mirror my partner's post length, but a paragraph or more is desired. And basic grammar would be delightful. One other thing - I also do mature rps, so we can always take our plot there once we flesh it out a little.

    Little things to be expanded upon:
    - Prisoner x Prison guard
    - Teacher x Student
    - Abused x Best Friend or Brother (where he finds out about his friend/little brother being in an abusive relationship)
    - Brother x Brother
    - Prostitute x Customer or Cop
    - Maybe something cowboy related?
    - If I can find someone to do a No.6 Shion x Nezumi with me I might cry.
    - Any ideas you may have :)

    Note: the italics are characters I'd prefer being, but I'm flexible~
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  2. I like the Abuse x Best friend/brother, or Brother x Brother. :D
  3. Do you have a preference? :)
  4. Hi, I'm interested in either a prison situation or perhaps a post-apocalyptic cowboy thingy. (I'm sort of thinking a world similar to The Dark Tower). I've not roleplayed in months, so I can't promise anything great just now, but let me know.
  5. I'll pm you!
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