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  1. About me: I am 19 years old, I have been roleplaying for a good six years now. I tend to match what my partner posts. I am on every day and can reply more than once a day. I prefer roleplay through pm due to mature themes. I can play male and female, play mulitple characters at once, have more than one roleplay with the same person and can do mxf and fxf romance.
    What I like to add as twists too any plotline:
    -Unplanned pregnancy
    -Friends with benefits
    -One of them is a victum of rape, hurt or another crime equally as horrific
    -I have daily chronic head aches and they never go away so sometimes I can't get on the computer, no more than a one day lapse though.
    -I am very active, but am patient and know my partners have a life.
    -I love ooc, getting to know my partners is a must for me!
    -I am able to have more than one roleplay going at once, with the same person.
    -I am pretty open to plot ideas, I just need them to be a complex idea so I am interested in it!
    -I prefer female, but am able to do males!

    I am open to most plot lines as long as they are dramatic and have a twist in it, feel free to pm me an idea if you don't see any of mine that you like.

    My own ideas:
    Teacher x Parent: person A meets person b in a bar or club, they go their seperate ways. After while person A goes to their child's school and is met with the sight of their one night stand.

    Boss x Employee: Boss is a complete and total bitch. She fears no one and everyone hates her. He is a new employee who needed hazing. His co-workers tell him about the beautiful boss who was impossible to get into bed, she is tightly wound and needed it. A bet is put on and he takes it.

    Co-workers: Person A and Person B do not get along. They are known for their drawn out fights and haterated for each othe. After a little to much to drink and a crazy fight in a private room at the office party they realize they are quite fond of parts of one-another. They go abck to their fighting and screeching as if it never happened.

    Best friend x Brother: She is a college student who can't stand social events. She is pretty and popular but is a real stick in the mud. When she is dragged to a frat party with her best friend she is soon alone. After having way to more than she should have she finds herself for the first time, in bed.

    Professor x Collage student: Person a meets person b at a bar over the summer and hook up. Person a is a collage student who is a foster child. They have trust problems and have one friend. Person b is a young professor, only around 29 and is very high strung and uptight. They realize they know each other when the first day of school begins.

    -Once upon a time
    -Criminal minds
    -Hunger games
    -How to get away with murder

    Feel free to pm me if interested!
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