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  1. Introduction
    Hello! I'm glad that my thread caught your attention... or if you just accidently stumbled in here or clicked on the wrong thing, I am glad that fate brought us together! Haha. Anyway... I am Marilyn Fae! Very nice to meet you! :D

    About Me
    Again, I am Marilyn Fae, but you can call me Marilyn, Fae, Mare, Fae, or really anything you'd like to call me! Currently I am nineteen years old, so I am considered a legal adult, though I cannot adult very well and I'd much rather sit in my room and write or listen to music or watch Netflix!

    My Role-play Style
    Length: I usually write at the very least three paragraphs. I always try to write more, though sometimes my mind just does not work correctly. I try not to write a book, but sometimes I get overly excited.
    Genre: I play most genres; the only ones I do not play is horror. I am not the best at playing out action scenes, though I have been working on that and I have gotten much, much better. Romance is a must for me, even if it is just something small.
    Sexuality: I personally prefer to play F x M role-plays. I have nothing against LBGT at all, it's just personally it is awkward and hard for me to play them correctly because I am straight. But I do not mind if you or your character is gay, lesbian or bi, as long as we can make a way to play F x M then we are good. If not then we probably aren't the best of partners. *tear*
    Gender: I can play both male or female equally in and F x M role-play; though I am looking mainly to play the female, but I am still open to play male if I like the plot enough.

    Plot Ideas
    FC: Female Character
    MC: Male Character
    OC: Other Character
    A Summer In Italy:
    FC and MC have been best friends since before school started. They have been inseparable, even through the times when the female and male friendship got a little bumpy. Secretly, they have both fallen for each other, but although everyone else knows that's they are meant to be, they don't recognize the feelings for anything more than friendship. That's is until they take a trio after their senior year in high school to Italy with FC'S aunt and uncle. What will happen when they start to recognize their feelings while spending a summer in Italy?

    The Bad Boy Next Door:
    The new girl moves into the town a month after the start of her senior year in high school. FC is considered a 'good girl' because she does what she thinks is good, and doesn't consider herself to be very adventurous, though she is very brave. Little does she know that the boy next door whole she recently befriended, thinking he was just being nice, was actually the towns bad boy flirting with her, making her his next target.

    A Soldier in Blue:
    FC and MC are both very different. (I'm not going to into detail about them, because it's up to the character sheets.) MC is in the military and began writing to FC through a pin pal program created through a city to help the soldiers connect with someone and prepare them for the real world so they will have a friend when they come home. FC works at (probably an elementary school teacher, doctor, or something helpful and creative) and immediately grows fond of the pin pal program so she starts to find herself one. The two connect through letters and get to know each other, falling more and more for the other. (Basically we wiil describe their relationship. Their letters, phone calls, and even visits home and their relationship through the program and life.)

    Forgotten Identity:
    FC has been hurt a lot, so has MC. They have both had horrible pasts, to say the least, but they befriend each other and talk through messages and phone calls, though have never met before, despite them going to the same school. Eventually they decide to meet and begin to hang out more and more, becoming best friends and falling for each other, though they are scared to be hurt again.

    This story will begin in the year 2020. Our characters will be 5-6. It's just a normal night, until the earth gets attacked by aliens. Or not really attacked, but crashed. The aliens did not mean to land on the earth, but their ship gave out and they were forced to land. The government immediately freaks out and begins shooting anyone in sight of the landing, but others are captured. One alien boy escaped though and found his way to a shed where a little girl finds him and takes care of him that night but the police find him the next morning and capture him. The girl thinks the boy is killed, but he wasn't. Now twelve years have passed and seven aliens are allowed into the outer world (outside of their prison/new home) so that they can attend a human high school. That is when MC and FC meet again and instantly click, but have to go through the struggles of alien/human relationship.
    *Aliens look exactly like humans except a fee things. If interested I will explain them!*

    Hopeful in Seattle:
    FC has been going back and forth from her small town to the big city so receive cancer treatments, but eventually her parents move her up to to city with them and she receives her treatment regularly. While attending her senior year at a regular high school, she gets put into a support group through the school for people who need help or support, where she meets the school bad boy who tries to catch her eye.

    Lost Love in November:
    FC has had a lot of trust issues. So many that she has sworn of males for the rest of her life. But as her last year of high school draws near, she sees that her mother is trying to push males upon her. Finally it's her senior year and her mother is threatening for an arranged marriage if she is not dating by the end of the year. That is the week before she meets MC at a party. She was never the partier, so she sat in the corner and analyzed everyone. That was until she reach him and found that she couldn't read him, and it scared her. But soon he comes up to her and tries to befriend her, though she seemed not interested. But that did not stop him from pursuing the shy girl. (Basically this is a slice - of - life role-play but I think we can do so much with it! Add drama, romance, love, heartbreak, everything!)

    A Lie for the Better:
    When FC tells her mother that she will bring a date to her sisters wedding to get out of blind dates, she runs into a gorgeous male at the cafe she works at. Befriending her, the male decides to ask her for a favor. A favor for a favor right? Wrong. When he agrees to be her fake boyfriend, they get a little over their head... for each other.

    *I have several more, but this is all I will list for now. I will update! I am open to any plots you have, or any suggestions on these.*

    Character Sheet Skeleton

    Personality Traits (at least 8)
    Appearance (Realistic Pictures only)
    Distinguishing Features
    Likes (at least 5)
    Dislikes (at least 5)
    Habits (at least 3)
    Pets (realistic pictures/if used)

    *No specific order!*

    So, I have found that I am really interested in a few different pairings, so I will list them below. Again, I am always open to other ideas!
    Best friends
    Student x teacher
    Brother x sister (step)
    Vampire x werewolf
    Vampire x human
    Werewolf x human
    Werewolf x werewolf
    Dorm/Room mates (MxF)

    Please let me know if you are interested! I am always open to knew role-plays! :)
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  2. *Still and always looking!*
  3. I am totally down for roleplaying the Seattle one or the Love lost in November one. Those ones seem interesting. I'd rather do the Seattle one, but either of the two would be just great! I am totally fine with roleplaying male. I prefer to Roleplay males anyway! Message me if you are still looking for a partner or of you'd like to roleplay with me!
  4. I like a Lie For The Better!
  5. So sorry! Please message me if you're still interested! I totally forgot to check the thread! I'm glad you're interested! :)

    @Darling Araneae
  6. The star-crossed storyline seems interesting. I'd love to do that one. I'm also used to roleplaying as the male character, so I hope that's a plus. (:
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  7. It is! Feel free to message me and we can talk! I'm really glad someone is interested in that one! I really like it! :)

  8. I'd like to do A Summer In Italy with you.
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  9. Awesome! Send me a Pm!
  10. A Soldier in Blue sounds like a cool idea ^-^
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  11. Awesome. Send me a message and we can chat!

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  12. Still and always looking! I edited a little on some plots!
  13. Still looking!
  14. I really like the star crossed one if it's still one open for rp.
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