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  1. Not figuratively either; I literally need to think up some different types of magic bullets for a new character I'm working on to use in his flintlocks. I've decided he'll use pre-loaded .72 caliber paper cartridges. All I'm looking for here is a bit of inspiration from anyone who might have a neat idea for an enchantment to put on the bullets. He's essentially a demon hunter who relies on range, accuracy and a stash of various enchanted ammunition to catch his prey. He either captures the beast and sells it live, or kills it, butchers it, and sells the resultant harvest; whichever offers the highest price. This means that I'm not really looking for stuff like "fireball of obliteration" or "arctic freeze": I need that shit as intact as possible.

    Here's his pic:


    Can't wait to see what people come up with!
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  2. A flare type bullet could be interesting; something that streaks a bright light or sets off a flash-bang, or both

    poisoned bullets of course extra deadly

    Some kind of expanding bullet that starts at a normal size for the gun but expands to be the size of a bowling/cannon ball by after so many meters could be good for blowing big holes in things (ie; taking out pesky doors and fences). How does it maintain it's speed, altitude and velocity? MAGIC.

    some kind of remote feedback bullet that feeds back information about whatever it ends up embedded in via telepathic link or somesuch?

    bullets which always fire and impact in complete silence

    bullets which never lose velocity (can be fired suuuuuuper long-range, but should be aimed carefully because they just keep on going until they hit their target)

    homing bullets

    heat-seeking bullets

    elemental enchantments (fire, lightning, water, etc. Either exploding in the imbued element or just burning/zapping/dampening effects)
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  3. Some sort of crowd control. Minibit mentioned flares, which are great, but also think stuff like paralysis. Either to incapacitate smaller prey or temporarily disable an arm of a bigger foe so a clean kill or capture becomes easier with all components you wanna pawn in tact.

    Firing a tracking device I'm also told to have their uses by James Bond movies and are applicable to you as well because why settle for one piece of loot when the same piece of loot can guide you back to it's nest (read: treasure chest)? Not sure if it fits with the entire gun theme aesthetically, but it could be in his kit.

    Ricochetting or beinding bullets, to make them less auto-kill than homing bullets, but still viable for difficult shots around corners.

    Some sort of ignition type of ammo so you can do the Hollywood thing of blowing up cars, but in general would be good for area denial and environmental destruction in a pinch.
  4. I once had a time-traveling monster-hunting scholar/warrior who used a pistol with various magical material bullets. This probably isn't too useful but your question reminded me of her, so I figured I'd post her ammunition types.
    A: Mithril hollow points
    B: Adamant armor piercing rounds
    C: Starmetal round with Soulsteel FMJ
    D: Moonsilver flechette rounds
    E: Silver bullets
    F: Wood core discarding sabot
    G: Iron cryogenic fluid capsule
    H: Orichalcum incendiary rounds
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