In need of long term partners!

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  1. I have seemed to lost all of my partners lately, and that makes me very sad! So, I am now looking for someone to go long term with.

    I am not picky, but I do much better as playing females, enjoy really any genres. I love zombies, fantasy,vampire, modern,story twists, back in the day. Anything. As long as the plot is good, I will be good.

    I do want a partner who types at least a couple good paragraphs most of the time.

    I do have some ideas, for people interested, but I want to hear what you have to say!
  2. Hmmmmmm... I think we can rp together. I have a habit of sticking to a certain role play hardcorely until it ends. I type kinda long too, depends on the situation. But if we are doing a convo in the rp, I type really short....
  3. And I like zombiez...
  4. I play males. Effeminate males. Sometimes I throw in a disability, wait, no, I throw In a disability most of the time. Mostly blindness. I dunno why.
  5. You're chatacters can be how ever you please. So, do you have an idea in mind?
  6. Hmmmm zombie apocalypse? I accidentally made a zombie apocalypse thread ... :P
    There is a blind guy.
  7. Zombies are awesome so yesh! Lets do it!
    How are our two characters interacting together?
  8. Hmmmm... I already made a thread. It's called Zombie apocalypse with a blind guy.
  9. Dunno if it's deleted...
  10. There! You are outside, and zombies are slowly walking towards you
  11. We can be a couple if you want. Or just friends
  12. We can see how it goes. :)
  13. Should we start now?
  14. I'm bored
  15. You don't reply very fast... :P
    Random question, where r you from??? What time is it over there???
  16. I replied. I was writting a letter. so I didn't type till I was finished. I am in pacific time. So it is almost 2 right now.
  17. Okay!!! I don't mind the slow reply!!! Hehe!!! I'm just really excited right now!!! Sorry for not replying immediately!!!! TT^TT I was goin home. I'm home now, so my replies will be real quick!
  18. It's all good! I am leaving home for a tattoo appointment to finish my charmander, but I have my phone:) So when ever you reply, I will get to it
  19. Oooooh u have a tattoo ??? Cool. I crashed... Sorry about that ><