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  1. Hello all, my name is Pine!
    At the moment, I'm looking for anyone willing to put up with me and my characters.
    To be honest, I don't have any ideas for plots, so I'm going to have to ask that you at least have a vague idea before approaching me, because starting from scratch will probably just stress me out.
    However. I'm pretty good with branching off of ideas, so no worries, I won't leave everything up to you.
    So with that being said, here's a quick little list of things that I'm looking for.
    • Modern. I'm thinking realistic, but if you have some ideas for low fantasy, I'd be willing to hear you out. More than anything, I want the setting to at least seem realistic, with humans as a dominating, magic-less species and etc. etc.
    • Probably not using new characters. I'm currently craving the use of a particular few of my characters. If you want to hear about them, I'll explain in a PM, as I'm feeling strangely self-conscious blabbing about them here. It's totally fine if you want to make characters specific to whatever we do or not, but I figured I should let you know that's the basic premise behind me wanting to do a one on one in the first place.
    • Policy on romance. I'm not a fan of romance, so this is by no means a required part of the plot. If I ever do include romance into my role plays, it has to be slowly formulated, actually make sense, and be riddled with flaws. Stable relationships are a snore for me to role play, and I would much rather have some heart-breaking drama as a result of some impulsive puppy-love. I'm more of a sucker for bromances than anything.
    • I pretty much strictly role play males. It depends on the plot if we double/triple/quadruple/load with random NPCs, but it's almost guaranteed that I'll be role playing a boy (it just happens, sorry). As implied by my last bullet, sexuality doesn't even really matter too much, so you can role play male, female, binary, non-gender specific... whatever works with the plot, whatever you want.
    • I can do 18+. Sexy times are pretty irrelevant to me, though if it ever does come to that, some smut may happen. It really depends on what you're comfortable with (and what's legal, too, I guess, haha). Apart from all of that, I sometimes like to touch on other adult themes. Gore is fine, language can sometimes get explicit, wet dreams might be a theme... this is really weird to talk about, so hopefully you get the point. Basically, if it would ever be brought up, I have no qualms with mentioning it. Game of Thrones has ruined my innocence.
    • Third person limited, past tense. All I can say is that I'm sorry, but I'd really rather our writing styles kind of match. Passive writing is painful for me to read, so... sorry. orz

    My Expectations
    Talk to me.
    I'm a little paranoid when it comes to role playing with others, especially when it comes to one on ones. Basically, if we only ever speak in formalities on occasion, I will become extremely uncomfortable and be in this constant state of fear that I'll annoy you if I ask too many questions... basically, I like to have something of an ongoing conversation with my partners, or at least get to the point where I feel secure sending you any sort of message. I'm very relaxed when it come talking out of character, so if you usually speak in choppy sentences, no emoticons, no joking around... I'll probably become terrified of you, so maybe I wouldn't make a suitable partner. This is also important for me to make sure you're still interested in the role play, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any problems you have or anything of that nature.​
    Comprehension of the real world.
    In real life, people don't readily deliver long-winded speeches without breaks, so there shouldn't be paragraphs upon paragraphs of a character's dialogue when it comes to a conversation. There's also stupid situations in real life where someone will become ridiculously irritated with someone walking too slow in front of them, gum sticking to the bottom of a shoe... I like to indulge in these stupid situations. I guess what I'm trying to say is please have a good understanding of realistic sort of things. I'm not stranger to goofing off or possibly pushing the limits of reality, but... most of the time, realistic. I hope that makes sense. Also, if your character is going to have some sort of disability, mental illness... something like that, please know your stuff and have depth to your character outside of just their problem. This is a huge pet peeve of mine.​
    Quality before quantity.
    I'm very forgiving of the occasional typo, and before you get some impression of me that my writing is absolutely fabulous, I never proof read... but please be well versed in spelling and grammar. Sometimes I feel like the posts I push out are absolutely crappy, but I always try to leave my posts easy to reply to. In any case, I'm not asking for any consistent post length and I don't want you to feel the need to fluff up your post with meaningless purple prose. If the situation calls for it, I hit around six paragraphs, sometimes exceeding ten, and I would like for you to be able to do the same. However, there's a time and place for that, so please don't ever feel obligated to force out more than needed. With that being said, one-liners are a no-go, and you should readily be able to push out at least a paragraph in nearly any situation.​

    Um... I think that's it.
    I'm sure I forgot something.
    Hopefully I didn't just scare everyone away with my rambling and actual lack of plot, ahaha.
    In truth, there is one plot I like coming back to, so feel free to inquire about that... but I'm probably going to be super picky with it because my last role play with it lasted a long time and was absolutely amazing and- ;w; ♥
    So anyway, feel free to post here, PM me, anything, and I'm happy to answer any questions!
    I'm good with both role playing over PM or on a thread, so just let me know if you have a preference.
    aaaaand thank you for sticking through my rambling orz
  2. Hello! I'm Nix, nice to meet you. :cheerful:

    I just wanted to pop in, give you a supporting hug :hug:, and some encouragement. I really hope you find a great partner. I'm not that great at realism, mostly because I get to excited to roleplay that I forget some of the little things. But I know you will find a fantastic partner! Also, if you need a friend, let me know, alright?
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  3. Welp. I think you did just fine with that. No rambling at all, got straight to the point. I have an idea in store, it's a bit crazy and well, it would involve a lot of us planning and agreeing on stuff cause it really is fuckin crazy. Hell, someone told me it will probably fail, but I dislike taking advice when it comes to crazy ideas. It involves a circus, some violence, a heavy dose of swearing, and a hint of manipulation, a side order of minfuckery, and a lot of injuries and dashes of romances for some flavoring. Lemme know if that sounds even remotely entertaining to you. (:
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  4. /buries face in hands
    Oh my gosh, did I sound like I have self-esteem issues? xDD
    My bad.
    don't worry i'm fine and i do have friends ahaha
    BUT the sentiment is nevertheless appreciated, as I'm sure you're a wonderful person ~ n wn
    So, hi. :'D
    Tbh, I'm not entirely sure if the thing about realism is even an expectation of mine.
    Maybe regarding characters, but otherwise...
    who knows who knows ~
    /nods because that made no sense whatsoever

    Ohh, I've developed quite the love for mindfuckery and manipulation in recent history. * w *
    and i love plotting almost as much probably more than i do actually role playing
    I would love to hear more of this, yes yes !
    I'm entirely sure if my characters in their current state could fit in, buuuuuut I could probably work something out anyways.
    and you can tell all those nay-sayers to shove it up theirs
  5. Oh, I definitely feel like a Bromance! Pray tell, which one of your character do you feel like playing the most? It may help with crafting a plot or two.
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  6. Bromances are always great.
    Can't go wrong with broships and bronding.
    /flees to pm
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