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  1. Hi! I am AzureBlazer, obviously.

    I need help. I want a new personalized profile pic, but I'm no artist. I need someone to draw a profile pic for me with My main char "Zane Fenris."

    Silver hair (spiky like cloud from final fantasy)
    Sky blue eyes
    Tan skin.
    Black Hoody
    Black carpenter jeans.
    Amethyst amulet on gold chain
    Stone bracelet
    Gold ring with black diamond

    Thats it. If your interested in drawing one for me reply to this thread. also in the pic don't forget to leave your signature on it so I can credit you.
  2. If I may offer some advice:

    It helps when making requests to give more details than a bullet-point of features, but before going any further, I noticed you left some possibly vital details out. What's this character's body build? What kind of facial structure does he have? Like, how do you imagine the shape of his face to be, how is his nose shaped and how big is it? Are any of his features asymmetrical like a crooked nose? Does he have really thick eyebrows? Things of that sort that could help us get a clearer image of the character.

    But more than that, it helps to have a sense of the character's personality, or more accurately, their body language. What's your character's 'neutral' face? Does he looked somewhat angry or off-putting or does he look sad? Has he been through really hard times, something that might show on his face or in his eyes (look up pictures of soldiers coming home or that were in really stressful situations, and see the look in their eyes)? What's his posture like? Does he tend to slouch, or does he stand up straight with his head held high? Did he get a serious injury in the past that might give him a limp (in addition to a potentially nasty scar)?

    There is, of course, a point where you've giving too much detail and stifling the potential creativity of the artist, but a bare-bones description like in your post can be just as difficult to work with as an overly-detailed one, because we might not have any idea what you want. As a result, you might get wildly varying results from different artists.

    If you have trouble describing in writing what they look like, find images we can work with: photos of celebrities or characters from a movie with features you imagine him having, pictures that look like or are similar to the items you want them to carry, and things of that sort.
  3. I think another big question you need to ask is what sort of drawing are you looking for? Some artists will be as realistic as possible, some have an anime style, etc. It's definitely an important detail.
  4. I've stalked some of your posts to get a handle on what kind of characters you tend towards. What I got is a somewhat serious, badass-y, introspective characters. I'm working on this now. My style is semi-realism. I'll put it in an urban setting.
    I assume that you don't mind what style the amulet and ring is?
  5. Here's a sketch.
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  6. omg awesome thanx thats perfect. just finish it and add color
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