In Need of an Artist!

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  1. Can someone make me a banner for an rp? I'm not much of an artist, and I don't have the proper programs to make such a thing. I know one can be made by submission of it, but, I wanna see it and have it on hand before turning it in! I'll love you for all eternity for this!! :3
  2. Hello. Can you give more information about what you would be looking for?

    Different people are good at different things, and have different skill levels. If you are looking for something completely unique, hand drawn or otherwise, you won't have a very large number of people capable of completing it. Whereas if you were only looking to have some words laid out over an image taken from online, even I'd probably be able to help with that.

    If you have a group of images that you want Photoshopped together, do you already have the images selected and a plan for how you want them organized? Because if you expect the artist to go hunt them down and put them together with little information, you might wind up with something very different from what was in your head, and it isn't fun to have to start all over.

    Details are always helpful when you are asking someone for help. The more you give, the better a person will be able to assess whether or not this is a task that they would feel comfortable attempting. More information is almost always better.
  3. Yeah, I have an image in mind... It's just not banner sized. Might need some photoshop editing. I'm Not looking for something super fancy.
  4. Why don't you post a link to the image, and describe what you would like done? Normally I'd be happy to help, but I only have so much skill. Pretend I'm someone who just PM'd you, saying "Yeah! I'm interested in making you a banner". Put everything you would give that person here.
  5. Aye!


    I'd like the image to be flattened a little, maybe even cutting the top off, and below written, Welcome To The DWMA! In a text like the soul eater text.
  6. And if you want this banner for the rotation, make sure to explain it needs to be 800x100. XD Cause if you submit something off-size, I will have to fix it. >:]
  7. Yeah, that too, Thanks Diana!
  8. That's reasonable. Banner images are 800x100, so if you cut part of it, you are pretty much going to be cutting it down to just the red "Soul Eater" part. Would you like just that part with the words you gave, or should I stick the two people walking away on one of the sides, left or right, and put the words there?
  9. just the soul eater part with the words is ok for me.
  10. That's easy, then. A staff member could have done that just fine, but I'm happy to help. Shouldn't take long.
  11. Aye, but, as I said, I'd just like to see it and have it on hand before then.
  12. Any modifications?

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  13. Whoa... That's pretty damn good! It's perfect!
  14. Glad you like it. Do you need me to find a way to get you the actual file, or does the "attachment" function I used above work?
  15. I think it might. Not sure.
  16. Try right clicking, selecting "view image", right click again, and select "save image as". That should get it onto your computer, where you can do whatever you need to so as to send it into banner rotation?
  17. Works!

    I'll be sure to credit you!
  18. Thanks, and glad to help. Good luck with your roleplay.
  19. And thank you, Peregrine.