In Need of a Writing Spark! [Fandom and Original MxM/FxM]

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Hello all! Hiya!
I am probably suffering from writer's block (I never bothered looking into this), but I want to get back into roleplaying because I have a strong interest in being creative and ideas and... well, writing!
So, a bit about me, I like to roleplay anime- and video game-based plots, along with strictly-OCs worked in the fandoms, fandom OTPs, original ideas, and sometimes smut-centered roleplays.
Here are some series'/pairings I'd like to roleplay; if there is no pairing listed, then it is automatically OC/OC:
Red = Character I’d Prefer to Play
Blue = Series will be OC/OC pairing
Yellow = Will include OC/OC as a possibility

Appleseed (the Movie)
Aria the Scarlet Ammo
Assassination Classroom
Baka and Test

Blue Exorcist
  • Rin/Yukio
  • Rin/Ryuuji
Deadman Wonderland
The Devil is a Part-Timer

Devil May Cry
(I had an idea where a FT girl joined DMC, buuuuut I dunno if anyone would indulge.)
  • Juvia/Nero
Fairy Tail
  • Gray/Juvia
  • Natsu/Lucy
  • A Pairing that Matches Mavis and Zeref’s past (OCs)
  • Other Pairings Mentioned?
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
  • Makoto/Sosuke
  • Haru/Makoto
  • Rin/Sosuke
  • Rin/Rei
  • Maaaaaaaaybe Other Yaoi Pairings
  • Nicolas/Worick
Heaven's Lost Property
Highschool of the Dead
Kill la Kill
Left 4 Dead

Resident Evil
  • Chris/Sheva
  • Chris/Piers
  • Leon/Helena
  • Leon/Ada
Rosario and Vampire
  • Any Canon Youkai/Tsukune
(I am NOT doing the entire harem; Pick one girl)
Saints Row
Shimoneta: A Boring World…
Soul Eater
The Walking Dead

*Note: Some of the series I am more than willing to include canon in, but it’s not mandatory.

I’ve removed all of my Canon/OC requests because not only do I know they won’t be filled, but I hate when people request of me nothing but that kind of pairing and won’t double up for me.
I might be a bit… jumpy on that. If you’re willing to do so, just let me know the series and we’ll talk J
Also, I’m sure it’s probably weird that some of the series up there don’t have pairings. That’s because I was thinking to do a pairing in those universes. Or, you know, similar. Doesn’t have to be spot-on.

Hopefully what I was saying made sense XD

Anyhorse, about the original ideas...
I, um, don’t have many ideas! Some like these:
/Ex-Criminal Partner
Father/Daughter’s Friend
President’s Daughter
/Bodyguard (Something like Gangsta, sure X3)
New Neighbors
Mr. and Mrs. Smith-style
Married Woman/Man other than her Husband
Etc., etc…

- are what I’d like to do. But I’ll let you know now – the genres I’m into are usually romance and/or smut-centered. With that, I am willing to magical realism (my favorite kind of anime – normal by day, killer by night… or something like that), slice of life (this’ll most likely be smut-based with basic scenarios), fantasy (not much like ogres and elves and stuff like that), and stuff of that nature. Some of the other and more common genres – action, adventure, comedy – are automatically included, so I don’t bother listing them.

Oh, yeah! About the smut, my limits are pretty basic: no scat, watersports, BDSM, the basic extreme types of kinks I won't do. The lesser I might be interested in trying.

Are you thinking to build a series-based roleplay or do you have an original scenario that you’d like to suggest? Cool! Here are some rules before you do, though:
  • You must be able to roleplay side characters.
  • You must be literate. I set my minimum post to about a paragraph or two since I’m sometimes too busy to put forth novels. But don’t let that stop you! The more we trade, the more we have to work off of, right?
  • No OP, god-modding (if we do fight… which I happen to suck at)
  • Let me know within a week if you will be too busy to continue our roleplay. This is very, very, very, VERY crucial, as I have had damn near every one of my roleplays end so suddenly. So please. PLEASE.
  • Please respect my “posting schedule”; some days I won’t be able to post back-to-back. I am a working college student, so… yeah, you get the gist.

Sound good enough? Awesome! Shoot me a message or write below if you’re interested.
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-Raises Hand- New neighbors? I never done something like that before.

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Anything but Sci-fi or historical(excluding feudal Japan. I love that!)
I'd be up for a Soul Eater, Rosario Vampire with Yukari aged up, or Fairy Tail with Gajeel and Levy if you're up for it.
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