In need of a woman, a woman with a thing for wings

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  1. He grew up as an only child. Home schooled by his mother who had a phD in just about everything. Oliver never realized that having wings as a human was completely unnatural. His mother had grafted on his back while he was in utero a set of wings. Wings that later grew to be full size, and able to carry him in flight. His body had adapted to flying so he isn't built like an average human either.

    What I need is someone whos willing to play a woman, a woman, or teenage girl, who ends up meeting the winged boy by chance when he is trying to find his mother after she has been kidnapped. She will end up having to teach him about what the world is like while at the same time slowly fall in love with him. So probably somebody on the younger end in terms of the girl's age. If interested just let me know.
  2. Looks interesting, I'm quite liking your idea here!
  3. I would much like to do this with you.
  4. Hehe yay :) I just need a basic character profile
  5. Alright! I look forward to this!
  6. Shoot me a pm with a character profile
  7. Oops to late. Well enjoy :)
  8. If still looking PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.