In need of a partner.

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  1. So here is the idea:

    My character is a early retired cop who saw and lived too much disgraces during his service with the police and finally decides to quit. Broken and hopeless he decide to accept the offer of a friend to become the personal guard of the daughter of a wealthy family. What happens next? The time will tell...

    What I'm looking for is a female to play the daughter's character. Regarding the daughter, the writer should bear in mind that she is young, she have a good life and always had everything she wanted. With that I mean that a humble character or a depressed one wouldn't fit at all.

    This Rp is more focused on the development and the relationship between the characters than a awesome adventure, but there will be plenty of action and plot twists to propertly create solid history and interesting characters.
  2. Seems interesting, and may I ask on how young of age wise you are looking for?
  3. The daughter should be between 18 and 20 years old, but I'm open for suggestions.
  4. Okay, the age range is fine with me. ^^
  5. If you have a partner for this already, I would like to RP this or something else with you ^^
  6. Well, I still don't have a parter for this idea, so you are more than welcome. : )

    Have any questions or suggestions?
  7. Do you still not have a partner for this one?