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  1. Seriously. I just love to make this informative titles, but let's save that matter for another time. Here the plot:

    It's a pretty much normal day. The sun is shining, a soft breeze blows occasionally through the streets, and traffic is as busy as usual. YC decides to take a walk through the park (the reason can be any). Once there, he sees how a man, a few years older than him, runs away from a girl. It doesn't look like your average happy running since the male looks like he is running for his life. The girl would notice that the person she runs after will pass by yours in a few moments and shouts ahead "Stop him!".

    Will you do her that favor or just watch as the two of them run past you?

    (The plot would require that YC would stop the man, who will turn out to be a thief that stole her wallet.)

    And now for some eye and mind candy
    Saya Kirisame (open)

    Saya is a bright and cheerful lady who lives her life to the fullest. She lives in an apartment building and is working in a SPA. No real hobbies are known, but she likes jogging, playing a video game every now and then, and reading novels.
    Do not think she is your average young lady though. Her family is actually quite rich, though she keeps that little fact secret (Hence the apartment instead of a house).

    And now the last part, which is what I expect from YOU.

    -I understand that not everyone out there has the same amount of time for roleplays as others, but i must insist of at least 5 posts during the week. It's no fun waiting several days for a reply, which i am sure you can agree on.
    -Proper grammar and punctuation is a MUST. When your character has an accent, stutters, or has any other specific way of speaking, that is an exception.
    -At least one paragraph (Min 4-5 sentences) per post. I simply need something to work with, and if you post one liners, it is a symbolic knife for my muse. I will post 1-2 paragraphs so that you have something to work with as well.
    -If you should be dominant or submissive? Your choice. Saya is not gonna just surrender though, so you have been warned.
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  2. I wouldn't mind being a part of this roleplay experience! I'd have to develop a male character, which wouldn't take me but about 15 minutes if you wanted to start roleplaying reasonably soon? (I've been dying to roleplay all night and really want to get things started.) I typically write about a paragraph for each response, so that shouldn't be an issue. I also get online all the time and if I ever stopped roleplaying, I'd let you know. (Not likely anytime soon).
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