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  1. Ok so this will be a two part idea and I need a guy for this idea.

    The first part will take place around the 1630ish time period.

    The first part will be how Lillian meets this strange man whom she finds out is a vampire, not just any vampire, he is the Lord of a vampire coven. This vampire somehow falls deeply in love with Lillian and steals her away and turns her into a vampire, into a monster, in Lillian‘s eyes. He takes her to his coven and for a while she is stuck there, loathing him and what she has become. Though she hides it from him and acts as if she cares about him, but sheis bidding her time waiting for a chance to escape. She finally finds a way out and decides to go into a deep sleep for a long time.

    Second part:

    Now this will take place in the modern time period.

    Lillian awakes and she believes that because she has been asleep for so long the vampire Lord has forgotten her and moved on. Now she also decides she is going to hunt the very thing she is. So while she is doing this the vampire Lord finds out that she has awoken and decides that she has to return to him for he has never forgotten about her.

    I was thinking that maybe before she left the coven one of the male members fell for her and she for him and now that she is back they reunite...I am just throwing this idea out, you know making more drama! XD

    Ok so there is my little idea and I am willing to discuss and take any ideas you might have for this. So any takers?
  2. Sweet, do you wanna do it?
  3. Yeah, I love vampire rps. PM me. I'll post on our other one tomorrow, I'm extremely sore. Do forgive me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.