In Need Of A Dominant Male




Name:Annie Williams
Age: 17
History:Annie has lived her whole life inside the one small town, she has no desire to leave it and enjoys her family and friends. She has a good life there, but there is a little dark side to her good life, she has the gift of sight, though she really does not understand it nor has any control over it and most of the time she does not understand what is going on.

Plot idea:
There is war going on inside the country, one very powerful man who is already ruler of one realm believes himself to be ruler of this realm because he has more clam to it them the other ruler. Battles and war are raging everywhere but it has yet to touch Annie's small town, until now.

Now I am looking for someone who can play a hard man, for he is a worrier and has to be hard and cold and he clams Annie for his own pleasure not knowing her skills. Once he does know about her skills he uses them to help gain power and along the way he finds himself falling in love with her and he wants more from her then just her body and skills.

We can discuss this further here or you can P.M me.


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Romance <3

What is your posting expectation and can my character be a spy that finds her?