SEEKING INVITES In need of a active rp

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  1. I take whatever you guys give me as long as its a group rp. I'd prefer it to be active at least daily if not at least frequent, i don't like rps that take weeks to have 1 post or whatever.
  2. The roleplays we run over as a part of this group (it's a crossover fandom series) are usually very active.
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  3. Yeah i know about murder series, its way too fast pace for me. I'm looking for a medium between fast and slow.
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  5. I run this clan, superheroic RP, flexible posting speed. I have multiple threads and a solid core group that post daily, but others post slower. There's room for all posting soeeds in Epic Crossover
  6. Hey @chaosheart13, way to beat me to the advertisement. But yeah, Inside Identity is currently still looking for members and we're now at a moment in which new characters can get introduced pretty much immediately upon completion.