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  1. Hey I'm Mikey~ Here's a lil bit about me;

    + I'm fourteen, but pretty experienced.
    + I live in Canada, and my time zone is Central.
    + I've been roleplaying for 4 years now, along with writing.
    + I really enjoy anime, and video games.

    + I love music, currently I'm really obsessed w/ Twenty One Pilots.
    + I'm very fast at responding, but that depends if my partner is too.
    + My posts range from a paragraph, to around 5-6 paragraphs.
    + I'm a really chill roleplayer, but I don't enjoy anything furrie related.

    I'm super in need of a 1x1, so here are some scenes I'd like to play out ;

    + ghost x human
    + maid x prince
    + superhero x bystander
    + idol x fan
    + god x mortal
    + assassin x target
    + pirate x maiden
    + human x mermaid

    That's about it! PM if you're interested in any of these!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.