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Kei yukimura also known as Takeshi Tetsuhara, even if no one knew about it, went into the classroom. The teacher screamed at kei because he was late, again. After a minute or maybe two the teacher told him to sit down. 'finally' kei thought irritated on the teacher, he had been up almost the whole night because his band had a concert and they had done a bit to many encores. But who could say no to the fans. He yawned silently and were really bored, he looked out of the window and started to think about the next concert, he wanted to write a new song to that concert but had a writers block for the moment which irritated him deeply. He then looked around in the classrom and found his favorite victim, Ame Umaino. Ever since they got into the same class he had gotten irritated on her because she ignored him and thats why he started to bully her, which now where his favorite hobby, it wasn't his fault that she were so cute when she got angry, ofcourse he couldn't help but bully her. His writers block would surely dissapear if he played around with her after the lesson. He smirked villainously.

(Hope you like the start :9 I just wrote it fast before school starts)
There she sat, staring out the window with a wistful longing that no one else in the universe could ever possibly understand! Once again, despite all of her best efforts, her mission failed. Instead of screaming with glee in the front row of the Takeshi Tetsuhara concert, Ame spent her evening having her cheeks pinched by Grandma and being barfed on by her sister's newborn baby. Worst. Night. Ever.

"Umaino-san. UMAINO-SAN. Can you tell us the oldest historic building remaining intact in Kyoto?" The teacher asked.

"The five story pagoda of Daigo-ji, completed in 952..." Her answer came out automatically as a sigh. Ame didn't even look away from the window. She spent the entire break studying two levels above her own so she could have perfect grades and be allowed to go to that concert. All that studying wasted..! The teacher wandered away to continue his lecture, disappointed he hadn't caught a student unaware.

As the lesson went on, Ame scribbled in her fan-journal. She and Takeshi would have a spring wedding. Just in time for the cherry blossoms. By chance she glanced around the classroom and caught Kei looking her way. That buffoon was smirking like the devil again! Ame didn't know what his problem was, but one of these days (when she isn't busy trying to marry Takeshi) she'll definitely tie him up and throw him in to the sea.

By the time the lesson was over, Ame forgot all about the class bully. She had a four point checklist all written up about how she WILL make it to the next Takeshi Tetsuhara concert! She was sliding her books in to her bag, the first step already in mind. Absolutely nothing and no one will stand in her way!
"Ameeeee" Yuki Kimura, a childhood friend to Ame, came up behind her and starred irritated on her "Kei looked at you for half the lesson you know, why can't he look at me instead?" She laid herself on Ames desk while Ame slided her books into the bag. "You were so off during the lesson, did you miss the concert yesterday? Why do you even like that guy, he probably have thousands of girls already" Yuki tried to help Ame when it came to Takeshi Tetsuhara but she couldn't understand why she liked him so mutch, he were a stupid idol that probably didn't care about his own fans.

Kei had planned to go to Ame right after the teacher had left the classroom but he were unlucky and saw Yuki go to Ames desk. So he went out of the classroom first and went to Ames locker, instead of going for his first plan to attack her straight on he were just going to lay a surprise in her locker. He smirked. It took him a minute before he were able to get up the lock, when it was up he laid a balloon with green paint into the locker and a needle that were attached to the locker door that would pop the balloon as fast as the locker opened and green paint would be all over Ame. Kei had a really childish humor, he closed the locker and locked it carefully and then he went to spy a bit away to see when it happend.
"I wish he would spend all day staring at you. Then maybe I wouldn't feel like he's planting alien brain babies in my skull ready to explode at any minute." Ame spied over her shoulder and was relieved to see Kei had already left the room. Yuki was probably the best shield in the universe, even if the girl had a completely unhealthy obsession with him. Not like Ame's love for Takeshi Tesuhara. That was born from the heart!

Ame picked up her bag, grinning towards her friend. "I did miss the concert, thanks to a whole last minute family gathering. I nearly cried for two hours! Buuuut, there's nothing that can stop me from getting to the next one. I even took extra shifts at the cafe so I'll have enough money for the train."

As the girls stepped out in to the hall, Ame was already on a roll about her crush. Thankfully Yuki was patient about these sorts of things. After all, Ame had to listen to her gush about Kei, despite the fact Ame had plenty of proof he was nothing but a degenerate punk. "I know he has tons of girls around him all the time, but that's what makes me different! Every song he writes is like it's written only for me! I just know that when he finally sees me for the first time, in the crowd of his concert we're going to lock eyes and everything will be in slow motion and it'll be the most amazing thing in the world!"

So Ame's dream was a tad on the totally impossible side. But Ame believed in the impossible!

Ame stopped by her locker and opened it up just a fraction. "If you like Kei so much, why don't you just ask him on a date? It sure beats wondering! Whoops- argh.." Ame dropped her pen, and stooped down to pick it up. As she did her locker swung the rest of the way open.


When Ame stood straight again her entire back was covered in green paint. With her eyes squeezed shut, she growled through her teeth. " happened again, didn't it."
"I wish he would spend all day staring at you" Ame said, 'Yeah me too' Yuki thought a bit jealuse, even if she knew that it wasn't Ames fault. They went to Ames locker, "If you like Kei so much, why don't you just ask him on a date? It sure beats wondering! Whoops- argh.." Just as Yuki were going to answer her she heard a loud sound of a balloon that exploded and green paint flew out from the locker. Yuki that had stood on the side of the locker had just got a spot on her shirt which she first didn't notice. "..It happened again, didn't it" she heard Ame growl through her teeth. Yuki tried her best to make Ame somewhat happier "Yeah, but look at the bright side, you just got it on your back and not your face" As fast as she had finnished the sentence she thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea so she continued "I maybe have an extra shirt in my locker that you can change into."

Kei sat covering his mouth to stop from laughing out loud, even if it wasn't completely what he had planned it was still hilariously. When he finally were able to finnish his laughing he noticed that he had laughed himself to tears. Kei fixed his looks a bit before going back to the classroom, just before he were going into the classroom he noticed that the wig were a bit loose and his hair showed a bit, so he fast fixed it up before anyone noticed it. Then he went into the classroom and sat down.
Ame just knew it was one of Kei's pranks again. It was never anyone else! The entire thing almost had her to tears. They were going to be late for class, which mean she run the risk of getting detention, which meant she would be late for work, and arrgh..! She didn't even want to think about it!

"No, no, You know what. I am just going to wear it with pride. I can't risk getting in trouble and then missing another concert!" The paint was already pretty dry, so it wasn't going anywhere. Another school uniform ruined! That meant more money out of her concert fund for replacing it. Grrr.

Ame gave Yuki a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks though, you're a gem! I better get going to class. Do you want me to deliver any special messages to Kei when I go smash one of the desks over his head?"
Yuki always looked up to Ame who always tried to be strong in the most horrible situations, which were the opposite of herself who would have cried if anything like that would have happend to her. "Nah, I think I'm going to try talk to him myself today after school, this time I'm going to be strong and not turn away in the last minute" She said "If you need help with anything just tell me and I'll see what I can do. See you later" Yuki ran to her own lesson and waved goodbye to Ame before dissappearing around the corner.

Kei sat in the classroom wondering if the teacher or Ame would be first into the classroom, he would get twice the entertainment today if miss perfect were late. The only thing that made him more excited were that his writers block were gone and he had written down the new song to the next concert. He wanted to get home so he could write on Takeshi Tetsuharas band blog that there would be a new song on the next concert and that they would sell the autografed single after the concert. He were certain that it would make a bigger public than usual.
Then he heard how someone came into the classroom and he turned towards the door to see which one that came first.
It was a miracle she made it to class first. Well... maybe not a miracle, seeing as she didn't waste time in changing her paint splattered clothes. With all the presence of a queen, Ame walked in to the room as if there was absolutely nothing wrong. At least until she saw Kei smirking. She advanced towards him with her pencil in hand, raised up ready to jab him right in the eye...!

But then the teacher walked in. Clearing her throat and asking everyone to take their seats.

Ame slid in to her chair, still casting Kei a look of murder. As soon as the lesson was over, she was going to let him have it. Yuki would have to ask out a dead body! For the time being she turned back in her seat and pulled out her notebook. She would cheer herself up with adorable doodles of Takeshi and her getting married!
Kei got disappointed when he saw Ame instead of the teacher, but it was a bit entertaining that she hadn't changed her shirt. He couldn't help but smirk a bit bigger, but he regretted it a bit when he saw her going towards him while all his senses shouted 'danger, RUN'. But the teacher came just in time to save his beautiful face from getting stabbed to unrecognisable pieces. He noticed quickly that something felt wrong and looked towards Ame who starred at him with murderous eyes. As fast as the break started he would run out of the classroom as fast as he could, sometimes Ame got a bit too scary.

Just some minutes before the class was over Keis phone started to ring. The teacher glared at him and he excused himself and took up the phone to tell the person to call him back. When he noticed who it was he told the teacher that he needed to take it and excused himself while going out from the classroom.

When the lesson ended Kei came into the classroom and talked low, when he finnished he took his things and rushed out from the classroom, the teacher interrupted the mumbling people in the classroom and told them "Yukimura won't be back to the next classes today because of family business"
Kei had just lied a bit to the teacher, he had told him that a family member had gotten hurt in a car accident, but the truth is that it was one of his band members that had gotten hurt in a car accident. On the other hand, Kei saw the band as his family so for him it wasn't a lie at all.
He stopped at the locker and fast packed his stuff so he could get away to the hospital.
All of that anger and rage seemed to wash out of Ame once the teacher announced Kei's sudden departure. How could she stay angry if he was having a family emergency? Sure, a moment ago she was fantasizing about stabbing him with a pencil. But she never actually wished any real harm to him or his family. He was a big jerk, but clearly cared about his family the way he rushed out. Yuki was going to be really worried when she heard...

Through the rest of class, Ame was left wondering how bad the accident was and then alternately wondering if she could squeeze a little bit of her Concert money out to buy get-well flowers. In fact the rest of the day she spent mulling over her budget. If she took extra shifts at the cafe and worked late at night too...

Once school was over, Ame was left waiting outside for Yuki. Soon she'd have to run off to work, but this was some important gossip first. "Yukichan!" she waved the girl over, immediately launching in to talking, despite knowing Yuki had already heard just by the look on her face. "You did hear right? One of Kei's family had an accident, so he was absent the rest of class... I was thinking maybe we could get them flowers or something? Maybe a card to give Kei when he comes back tomorrow." Ame wasn't quite sure on the details yet...
Yuki waved back, she had been a bit gloomy since she heard what had happend and even though she tried to hide it a bit when she saw Ame it wasn't that successful. "yeah I heard about it, I hope it sounded worse than it is" She said "the rumours goes around in the other classes that someone died, and others says that someone broke everything in the body from head to toe, but we won't know for sure before Kei is back, if he tells anyone that is. Well it would be nice if we gave him something to support him, but don't you need the money so you don't miss the next concert?"

Kei had fast put the wig in his bag before entering the hospital, he ran up the stairs and entered the room where his guitarist Kaia, the only female in the band, were. Kaia had her right arm in bandage and her right leg were plastered, her head were also in badage and she had scratches everywhere. She smiled when she saw Kei, or for her Takeshi. "Hey" She said. He smiled and sat beside her
"How do you feel?" He asked her.
"Except that I broke my arm, my leg and have a brain concussion and wont be able to play guitarr for at least two month but probably more, well then I'm fine" She laughed a bit and Takeshi joined her laughing.
"Well in that case I guess we need to cancel the next concert" She stared at him for some seconds befor she almost screamed
"what? cancel? why?"
"Well it's not the same without you, or anyone else of the guys, it's just not the same with a replacement"
She looked at him "Get a replacement untill I'm ready to play again, you can't make the fans dissapointed"
He looked at her and knew that she were right "Okay, I put up a notice on the webbsite when I get home that we have an audition for a temporary guitarist on saturday"
They sat and talked for a bit before a nurse came in and said that she needed to sleep, at that time the rest of the band had came into the room and joined them talking. They said goodbye to Kaia and told her to rest before leaving her. Kei went straight home and wrote on the webbsite about them needing a temporary guitarist that could learn a new song and could all of the songs on their first and second album, then he wrote about Kaias accident, he new that it maybe would look a bit suspicious that Kaia and one of Keis relatives would have been in a accident on the same day but he thought everyone that knew Kei would take it as a coincident and not think that mutch about it.
"I do, but... I can work a few extra shifts at the cafe. It's not that much for a card, right? I was gonna have to work extra shifts anyway." If push came to shove, Ame figured they could always make a pretty card too. There was tons of things one could do with construction paper and glitter.

"Speaking of work..." Ame sighed, hanging her head. To get to work on time also meant no time to change her clothes. She was going to be serving up coffee, tea and cakes with her entire back covered in green paint. Ame already spend the entire day listening to people snickering and calling her an ogre, a caterpillar, and someone even screamed GODZILLA at her!

"I've got to go check in. Come by later and I'll sneak you one of the cheesecakes!" Once again, Ame was rushing off. Away from doing the normal thing of goofing off with a friend and doing homework, to a life of labor in the name of Love and Music!

Her arrival at the cafe was met with much the expected greetings. Curious eyebrows at her clothes, a few snickering jokes. But at least it wasn't as bad as school. She had a tray filled with coffee mugs in hand when she passed a few students gossiping at a table.

"Oh my god, did you hear? Kaia was in an accident today! It's been all over the news and the fanpage is waiting for more updates!"

Ame nearly dropped the tray! It was a quick save to rebalance everything and save it before the mugs when crashing to the floor. Kaia was the lead guitarist in Takeshi Tesuhara's band...! This was horrible news! Everyone knew how much he cared about his mates, this could mean the entire concert tour would be over and she'd never get to see him...!

"Whoa really? Let me check my computer! Do you think they're gonna cancel the- OH OH OH! Looook!"

Despite the fact Ame was not a part of the conversation, she was lingering nearby, awkwardly holding her tray and peeking at the girl's computer screen.

"Sweet! A replacement guitarist! Do you think there will be a contest? My brother Josuke would totally be rad!"

"Crap! I wish I could play guitar!" Ame's sudden outburst had both the girls at the table turning around to stare at her. "Uh... excuse me!" Turning a bright red, she scooted on away from the table with her tray. If only she could play guitar. What better way to meet Takeshi than to be a temporary member of his band? Would she have time to learn before the next scheduled concert? Ugh, hopeless...!
"Okay see you later, call me as fast as you quit work" Yuki gave Ame a fast hug because both her and Ame were in a hurry. Yuki hurried to the archery club and were able to get there right before her senpai.
When the club activity came to its end the members started to gossip about Takeshi Tetsuhara and his band.
"I read about it before the club started, Kaia was in a car accident and they will search for a temporary guitarist for their next concert."
Yuki didn't listen further than that, she ran to Ames workplace instead of going to her place and wait there, she maybe had a plan that could help Ame meet Takeshi and Ame needed to know as fast as possible.
She waited outside the cafe because if she went in she would disturb her work and she didn't want to get her best friend fired.
But her club activity ended just an hour before Ames work so she didn't need to wait that long.
Ame felt like her shift took years. All because she was shuffling around, mortified about the injured band member in Takeshi's band, mulling over what to do for Kei's family member, and how she was going to get all of her homework done before her next work shift! Yuki didn't even drop in to the shop, and Ame was sure the girl was depressed at missing another chance with Kei.

So when Ame finally clocked out of work and stepped outside, she was surprised to see Yuki there. "Yuuuuukiiiichan. My life is over! Did you hear about Kaia? I think the universe is trying to punish me..." The morose moodswing wouldn't last long for Ame, but for the moment she was wallowing in her sorrow!
Yuki took Ames shoulders and tried to hold her still, "I know what happend, and it's the worst thing that ever happend but maybe this is good, maybe you could meet Takeshi now" Ame starred at her about to say something but Yuki stopped her "Okay I know that you don't play guitar so it's impossible, but I have played guitar for five years and their songs aren't that hard to learn, so I learn them before their audition and you come with me when I'm doing the audition. So even if I get in or not you can meet Takeshi at least once. Bands that make audition often let one person come in with the one thats gonna audition so that they feel more confortable with the situation when they have a friend there. And even if you can't come into the audition room you can probably come with me to the audition and wait outside and maybe you get to talk to Takeshi anyways." Yuki talked so fast she almost didn't get any air at all, she stopped to catch her breath. "And if I get the job I maybe can get you to meet him now and then, what do you think?" She waited for Ames reaction.
Ame stared at Yuki. It was a long, almost bizarre silence. But that was all halted the moment Ame let out a loud squeal! Several people in the street turned to look and see what poor thing got hit by a car. But there was only Ame, jumping up and down and clapping her hands. She grabbed Yuki in to a hug and danced around with her on the sidewalk.

"Oh my god, Yuki you're amazing...! Like a goddess or an angel or a fairy god mother..! You always have the best ideas!" She was still bouncing in a circle, taking Yuki along for the dizzying ride. Ame finally stilled her dancing and let the girl go. That well-known look of determination was back on her face.

"You know what this means right? I owe you an epic romance. It is now my sworn duty to get you a date with that idiot Kei Yukimura, even if I have to tie him up and drag him to your house by the legs." Knowing Ame, it was probably the -first- thing she'd try. Ame was going to have to remind herself that romances aren't started by kidnappings. For Yuki's sake!

"...or I can just help you get the best card and present for Kei's family member and let you be the one to give it to him!"
Yuki stared at Ame waiting for her reaction, when she suddenly let out a squeal and started to jump up and down. She grabbed Yuki in to a hug and started to dance with her. 'I knew she would go mad eventually but I didn't know it would be this soon' she thought to herself while letting Ame get herself toghether. Ame started to call Yuki a goddess and angel and so on, Yuki almost felt like saying 'I know' but she held it in. Then Ame finally stopped and got serious again.

"You would do that?" she asked after hearing Ames proposal, now it was her turn to jump up and down, even if it didn't last as long as Ames had. "But what is a good present to give?" She asked with eyes like a lost puppy.


Kei went out after he had finnished to write about the audition, he had also written that in about two days all the details about where and when the audition would be would come up.
The sun were on its way down and the clouds had become red, he went to the only florist in town and bought a big bouquet to Kaia.
Even if he couldn't give it to her before the next day he thought it was better to go and buy it now because he would be to busy with the planning for the audition the next day.

He didn't like the thought to have a replacement for Kaia, even if it were for only one or two concert. It almost disgusted him to change a band member, but Kaia asked him to so he couldn't say no. He saw the whole band as a family, and you don't exchange a family member, he had always looked at Kaia as a little sister even if he knew that she was in love with him. It had been a really bad atmosphere in the band for a while because of that, and it almost lead to the bands dissolving, but in the end they were able to get back to usual and no one except the band knew what had happend.

After half an hour he finally were able to buy a bouquet he thought suited Kaia, Kei was a bit of a perfectionist and took a long time to decide what was the best choice. This time he had been fast, it was rare that he took less than one hour to choose what he should do.
Message on the bands blogg:

Thursday 3th Mars 2011

Our guitarist Kaia Midori have been in an accident and won't be able to play guitar for a couple of month
We are going to have an audition for a new guitarist until Kaia can play again
The audition is going to be on saturday 12th mars
Time and place will be anounced shortly
You need to be able to play all of our songs on the first and second album
You must also be able to learn a new song before the next concert

We will record everyone and take out the ten best people
Then we will give the recordings to Kaia and she will shoose the five best of those ten
After that the five chosen will get to come to a second audition where we choose the best one of you

//Takeshi Tetsuhara
(I'm sorry for taking so long to finally post. XD My wedding and thanksgiving took a lot out of me! Thanks for your patience!)

Come morning, Ame had the plan all worked out.

She couldn't afford to buy flowers. Not after having to replace her uniform that Kei ruined. But, she had lots of pretty paper and she was able to make a complete bouquet filled with origami flowers. It was just as colorful and would last so much longer! Ame even wrote little notes of encouragement on each of the petals. To accompany it, she spent half the night making small candies and cakes to stash in a bento box. A well known way to a man's heart was through his stomach, and getting to share a treat with his hurt family member would surely get Yuki a lot of appreciation from Kei.

Now Ame was standing out on the sidewalk with the flowers and the box tied together neatly with a ribbon, and waiting for Yuki to meet her. If Kei didn't make an appearance at school, they would have to drop in at the hospital to offer him their gift in person. Ame rocked backed and forth on heels. A perfect plan! Then, once Yuki finally confessed her feelings to Kei, they could work on the audition for Takeshi's new guitarist. Ame thought a double wedding with her best friend would be dreamy indeed!
(hahah no prob, I read that you would be gone untill thanksgiving ^^ Glad your back again)

Yuki went up five in the morning to prepare herself and make herself as beautiful as possible when she would finally talk to Kei. She took a shower three times before being satisfied, because she wanted to make sure she was clean enough. This was the day, today she would finally confess.

She went to meet Ame whom had promised her that she would fix something to this morning. Yuki was so nervous, she hoped Kei would like the things she would give him. Yuki saw Ame and waved to her.
"Hey Ame" She said as she got closer "so were you able to fix something?" she asked.

Kei went to school on Kaias order, she didn't want him to skip school because of her. He wanted to stay in the hospital with her and tried hard to make her letting him be beside her.
"I'm going to be here when you come back from school so don't worry about it, it's not like I will die" She had said and made the others force him out of the hospital. He had finally given in and started to walk to school.
He wondered if he would be attacked by Ame when he came in to the school, she were probably still angry about the balloon thing. He laughed, he still thought it was a hilarious joke.
He came to school to early and almost no one had come to school yet, the classrooms were empty but he decided to take a seat and write songs untill the others came.