In my Pants

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  1. This is self explanatory:

    Song titles+In my pants

    "Down in it" in my pants

    "Brave New World" in my pants

    "Lost in the Supermarket" in my pants

    "Psycho Killer" in my pants

    That's all I got for now..Some of these were probably used before, meh. Tried to be original though.
  2. Big Balls In my pants
  3. Milkman... in my pants.
    (Aphex Twin)
  4. "Great Balls of Fire" in my pants
  5. "Everlasting Friend" in my pants
    Blue October
  6. Chocolate Rain... In my pants

    Whatever the hell that dude's name is.
  7. Satisfaction... in my pants. >:D
    (Benny Benassi)
  8. poison in my pants.
    (Groove Coverage)

    Crazy angel in my pants.
    (Kill Hannah)

    Talk in my pants.

    All i want in my pants.
    (The Offspring)

    Little girls in my pants
    (Oingo Boingo.)

    Molly's Lips in my pants...

    Today in my pants
    (Smashing Pumpkins)

    Lips like Morphine in my pants..
    (Kill hannah
  9. "Super Beast" in my pants.

    "Sanctuary" in my pants.

    "Crazytrain" in my pants.
  10. I love the character traits when they know they have a flaw! I mean no one is perfect unless you are god the almighty or another being from a world where there is nothing wrong with you what so ever. But I love the characters that are flawed and they know it and they try and improve on their flaw and they fall and scrape themselves up doing it but I love the characters with flaws because sometimes the most flawed make the best characters around.

    I mean here I will gove you an example from my character the daughter of god, Name is Clara. She is the daughter of the almighty being thats said to be perfect but she made it so she knew what flaws where and she knew she was not perfect as her father and there for she tries to work on her flaws. Some resulted in her getting into bad situations and trusting people she shouldn't. But its all about understanding yourself and what makes you well you. And a flaw is a great way to understand yorself.
  11. "GONG" in my pants

    "Dare" in my pants

    "The Touch" in my pants

    "Don't Hold Back" in my pants
  12. "Nothing Better" In my pants

    "Such Great Heights" in my pants

    "Sleeping in" In my pants

    "Recycled Air" in my pants

    "We Will Become Silhouettes" in my pants

    "Natural Anthem" in my pants.
  13. Pixle girl, in my pants.
  14. "Black and Huge" In my pants

    ((Song by Gwar))
  15. Infection in my pants...

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    It's very catching.
  16. Last Daze in my pants.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Left Spine Down - Last Daze (Birthday Massacre Funland Mix)[/ame]
  17. Super Beast in my pants!
  18. Carnival Carnage In my pants
  19. Paparazzi in my pants! >:D
  20. Dream On in my pants!

    War in my pants!