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The Storyline & Plot.

This is the start of a new era. A technological era.
In the year of 2068, personal memories are now digitized and its ways are beyond comprehension.
Memories can now be bought, sold, and traded. Privacy has now been wiped away from existence in favor of this new surveillance technology. This technology is called the Sensation Engine, AKA, the Sensen, and it is your worst nightmare.
Thanks to Memorize, a major French corporation in Neo-Paris that has founded this method of memorial advancements, we are now able to share our memories with one another, build up our trust, and forget the misery we once remembered.
But there's always a catch.

Memorize's intentions for the general public was to be for a more intimate social networking platform but instead, they have used their growing fame in business to digitize and trade memories to the point of overbearing control. The citizens of Neo-Paris have unfortunately grown accustomed to their new way of society in exchange for the mental comfort that this new technology offers to them.

This trade gives immense power over the whole of society to a handful of individuals.
And you're one of them.

A Memory Hunter and an Errorist, your job is to take down Memorize and their intentions using the technological abilities you possess, the power to Remix, and the help of a little companion you know nothing about.

You are a former elite Memory Hunter that has been captured by Memorize authorities and have been sent to get your memories removed in La Bastille's Prison. Though, on the way to get the last of your memories removed, you hear a voice that goes by the name of Edge. A controlling son of a bitch that you trust. He tells you everything, from what you need to do, how you can escape La Bastille, and most importantly,
how to defeat Memorize Corporation.

You escape from prison, and it's all downhill from here. You are on a search for your stolen memories while listening to Edge and his objectives. On the way to destroying Memorize, you are hunted by the people who are responsible for this surveillance society. You are going to change the world sis, for you have an ability called Remix, it allows you to alter the memories of important figures in Neo-Paris.

Good luck, and remember you soon.

"Rappelez-vous de
vivre, en direct à retenir."

"Remember to live, live to remember."

"Thanks to my Sensen, I choose to remember every defining moment of my life.
The good ones, and the bad. Thanks to my Sensen, my husband lives on. In my
heart, and in my brain."

"I don't know if I'll ever find the courage to give these memories to my son..
But I'm relieved to know that these memories are safe and secure."

"That first night, when he said "Let's share our memories," I remember
I was sort of afraid. And he smiled, and we hit the switch together..

And then, I FELT everything!"

S E N S E N.

The Sensation Engine, AKA, The Sensen, is a high piece of digital technology. It is a neck implant that uses the memory sensors of the brain, as well as other parts of the body. The Sensen's purpose is to help keep or delete memories, as well as various other memory-related things. The Sensen was invented by the founder of Memorize, Evaline Cartier-Wells and it has grown in international popularity. But things turn for the worst as The Sensen creates people who are memory addicts, which leads to a new Memory Apocalypse.

H U N T E R S.

Memory Hunters are a group of rebellious folk that steal the memories of others for pleasure or profit. These guys by law are considered VERY dangerous and worth a lot of money when caught. Hunters steal these memories using people's Senwall, or, the implant on their neck. Depending on the skill or intention of the Memory Hunter, the process of stealing memories could go unnoticed, or very, very painful.
Are one of them.

E R R O R I S T S.

Errorists are also a group of rebellious folk. Errorists despise Memorize and its entirety. Their purpose is to destroy Memorize once and for all, and starting what is called "The Errorist Movement." The movement allows every single person who has been a victim of amnesia due to Memorize remember everything. This rebellion is a low profile group, so they go unnoticed in society unless they do something inconspicuous and get caught, obviously.
Not only are you a Memory Hunter, but
you are also an Errorist.

Your job? Destroy Memorize, get into the Central Memory System, and free everyone from their misery once and for all.

R E M I X I N G.

Remixing is a very rare ability that is found in the minds of Memory Hunters. The person capable of this ability is able to alter and shift the memories of others, bending them to the user's will.
It works by placing your hand to the Senwall.
There, you will find the person's divine memory, ready to alter with a touch of rewind and your fingertips. During the Remixing, you need to find "Memory Glitches." There are many of them sprawled around the memory. Change them and hit the right combination of glitches, and you will alter the memory completely.
Remixing a memory is a process of trial and error due to its high uncertainty when you hit a certain combination. As a result of this uncertainty, a person can kill a person within the memory or create a Memory Bug, a process that makes a person remember that they have died, so they die in the real world.

(How Remixing will work in this RP: When you meet an important figure in Neo-Paris, I will give you a scenario. A little story, if you will. Once the story is over, I will list a whole bunch of Memory Glitches that you can choose from, then an objective. Your task is to hit the right combination of Memory Glitches. If you don't get the combination right, I will list out what happens as a consequence. If you get the combination right, I will tell you what happens in succession. As well as a OBECTIVE SUCCESS: -name objective here.-)


E N E M I E S:
Do not be worried by the numbers, sis!

L O C A T I O N S:

A B I L I T I E S:

The Sensen Glove, is a type of specialized glove used by Neo-Paris citizens and consumers of Memorize's Sensen technology to manipulate their environment and possibly other people's Senwalls. depending on its user, is extremely useful in the act of stealing memories. Sensen gloves can be customized to suit the purposes of their users.

Overload is an incredibly powerful attack that can disable certain foes.
Overloads can only be executed against enemies that have been attacked to the point of fatality.

Due to technological advances, your hunting glove will tell you when it's time to do an Overload.

You have a limited period time (30 secs.) before the opportunity disappears.
If the you are successful in triggering the interact button, you will execute the attack without hesitation.

Invented by a Cartier-Wells,
the Spammer shoots data bursts that stun and damage opponents Sensens.
It allows you to attack when your opponent is completely confused by the jumble of memories.

The Junk Bolt allows the Spammer to break or weaken structural formations,
such as buildings or or mechanical equipment, that were inaccessible through conventional means.

The Sensen DOS stuns enemies during or before an attack has officially begun.
It works against most enemies except for enemies with helmets, such as Elite Enforcers and Mourners.
The Sensen DOS is crucial for stopping Mourners, as it exposes them to attack.


The Logic Bomb is an explosive Sensen virus.

It has the ability to break shields used by S.A.B.R.E. Force and Skinners when in the presence of other Leapers.
Logic Bomb is incredibly useful in multiple enemy combat when you are
threatened by overwhelming forces.

Sensen Fury is a free-flow attack that allows you to attack your enemies without pause,
each hit being stronger than the last.
So long as you can maintain the flow of attack without being interrupted by an enemy,
Sensen Fury can wipe out half a room full of enemies and is especially useful in major battles.

During combat, whenever you are faced with the stronger varitey of enemies,
You can use your Sensen implant to activate the Camo that allows her to attack enemies unseen.
It will last for a mere half minute before returning visible.

Rust in Pieces turns enemy robots against S.A.B.R.E. Force units and
trigger its self-destruct mode when enemies are defeated.
This helps in battles where the enforcers and robots try to overcome you.


The Pick-Socket can break into high-security areas using high levels of energy to break digital locks.
"The Pick-Socket will pick the highest security locks by overloading them with a salvo of energy."


(Picture of your character)


SPECIAL ABILITY: (Just 1 please.)


1. Follow all of Iwaku's general rules and regulations.
2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stues. You know the drill.
3. No Godmodding.
4. You can play up to two
(2) characters!
5. Only
1 Special Ability for your character, please!

6. There is to be no OOC drama, however IC drama is highly encouraged.
7. This isn't a romantic RP. It's all about the number one goal. Destroy Memorize.
8. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW!
9. If you are gone for an x number of days. (Max 3.) Let me know.

If you have read these rules, put "Destroy Memorize" somewhere in your bio. Make it hidden. c;

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