In love With My Best Friend, or My Best Friend's Bandmate?

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  1. Emily ran into the kitchen to the sound of her best mate who just arrived back from his tour. Her best mate was band member of one direction Zayn Malik. Her and him became best mates after her first concert to seem them and she ended up fainting and they were there and she began talking to him.

    She ran right into his arms saying"I missed you so much it's been so long."
  2. Zayn climbed out of the van, and waved goodbye to the rest of the guys. "See you guys all later." He picked up his bag, and walked up the street. About halfway up the street, he paused and gazed at a house. This was the home of his very best friend, Emily Summers, the person with whose he had grown up with.

    He grinned, and headed up her front gate. He knocked on the door, and called out, "Vas happenin'?" This was his catchphrase, and was instantly recognisable. He heard footsteps thundering down the stairs, and he smiled. "I know - I missed you so much as well! How have you been?" He remembered that Emily was just in her last year of school.
  3. "I ve been great you, How was the tour?" she asked with a smile and letting go of the hug. She pulled up her trousers which were slipping, she blushed "I can't findnmynbelt by the way,"she hated when she embarrassed herself Infront of him. She smiled even more, he was away for an entire month and she had been missing him badly. She wished the rest of the guys joined their friendly hellos.
  4. Zayn chuckled. "It was great." He glanced into the house, and suggested with a smirk, "Don't you think you should go and put a belt on?" He ruffled her hair playfully.
  5. "Awesome and yes I will,"she said quickly before rushing upstairs and grabbing the first belt she could see, slipped it on and ran back downstairs.
  6. Zayn walked in, and sat on the sofa in the living room as he waited for Emily to come back. His heart raced at having seen her again - he had a small crush on his best friend - ok, maybe a huge crush. Zayn had always liked her but he knew she saw him as a brother and nothing more.
  7. She walked into the living room and saw him getting comfy. "All better you comfy?"she asked with a gentle smile and plonking herself down beside him, she loved the way he smiled at her and he had big brown eyes, he was her teddy bear and a good cuddle when you need one. She loved him as a best friend, and brother nothing more.
  8. Zayn leaned back into the sofa, and flashed a grin at her. "I'm always comfy here - it's like my second home." He glanced at his watch. "I'm actually gonna head home soon and see my mum and sisters."
  9. "You haven't stayed long,"she said.
  10. "Yeah, but hey, if you wanna hang out tomorrow, we can - maybe go to the skate park?" He grinned hopefully at her.
  11. She put on a happy face and nodded, as he was leaving she asked,"Could I meet the band tomorrow?"also giving him a tight hug
  12. "I think they are coming for lunch tomorrow, so you ccould meet them then." He hugged her back, and smiled. "Em-bear."
  13. "Bye,"she said waving goodbye to him.