In Love With Criminal

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  1. A britney Spears song influenced this RP.

    So, if you've seen the video, you know the basic plot.


    The video begins at a formal party in which the main woman seems to be looking for someone. Her boyfriend talks with two people next to her. He then verbally abuses her and grabs her face, after which she leaves to the bathroom where she cries. She comes back to the party and sees her boyfriend flirting with another woman; Spears tells her "So you're not working the street corner tonight I see?", making her boyfriend angry. He then grabs Spears by the arm and carries her outside the building. After he slaps her, one of the waiters of the party wearing a leather jacket punches her boyfriend several times. The waiter asks Spears if she is okay, and after she kicks her boyfriend in the crotch, she replies "Now I'm okay." She and the waiter climb on his motorcycle and leave the scene. When they get to his house, it is revealed by a newspaper that he is a criminal. She opens one of the lockers in his house and finds a gun, after which the couple kisses in a passionate embrace-type-thing. This is followed by hot, passionate sex.
    The next morning, the criminal brings his lover breakfast to the bed. He has several tattoos in his bare muscular chest. They go to a convenience store where she steals vanilla candles and points the gun to the employee; the criminal takes money out of the cash register and they escape by stealing a Citro├źn DS3. The robbery is caught by the security cameras, and pictures of the couple appear on the local news. There are scenes of them having sex in the shower. As they change clothes, several policemen then appear outside the criminal's house; they start shooting it as the couple kisses passionately. The policemen then enter the house, and one of them confirms that the couple escaped. The end.

    So, in this RP, I'd like to be the woman being abused and I'd like you to be the bad boy criminal that rescues me from my hum-drumb terrible life.

    These are just some warnings that you may need to keep in mind if you should choose to respond to this RP (which I hope you do!!)

    1.) I don't submit very long posts. I try as hard as possible to keep it at two, maybe three paragraphs, and if I'm tired and can't think of anything, it'll be shorter.

    2.) I'd like you to play the boyfriend at the beginning too, just so you'll have something to respond with until your main character comes in. So when you're playing the boyfriend, being an ass-hole is urged. :P

    3.) There WILL be sex involved. Detailed, hot, steamy sex, so if that revolts you, then please don't respond.

    4.) If you have any OOC questions during the RP, Feel free to add a bit at the beginning or end of your thread post but make sure it has parenthesis or brackets around it and is clearly marked 'OOC:'. If you prefer not to do that, you can PM me. :)

    5.) This RP doesn't have to be EXACTLY like the video. Feel free to add in something if you feel like. I may throw in some twists and turns, so please, just have fun with it.

    6.) This RP does NOT need to have the people from the video in it. For example, my lady isn't going to be Britney spears or anyone that looks like her. So your guy and the boyfriend don't have to look like the ones from the video.

    That's about it as far as I know. I've taken a lot more time typing and setting warnings and what-not for this RP because it is very special to me. It's not only based off of the video of my all-time favorite song of the moment, it's also one of my MAJOR fantasies. So I'd like it to go as perfect as possible.

    So, you know the drill, if you're interested, respond to this thread or PM me with the character sheet below filled out.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Anything else you think I should know about your character):

    The background information is optional. You can make a post about her asking why he is the way he is and he tells her this big story about his past. That would be where the background info comes in.

    I'll post my info after I get someone who is interested.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this crap and maybe watch the video. This RP is like crazy special to me, so yeah. I hope you're interested!

    Thanks again!
  2. Oh, oh I'll do it!! Pick me *jumps up and down*
    ...Sorry, I've had lots of caffeine today... Ahem, I'll play this RP with you :)
  3. -GASP-

    REALLY!? This is the fastest anyone has ever responded to any of my thread posts!!
  4. Yep. I'd be happy to :D I'll PM you my character sheet in a bit. ^_^

    And you have no objections to the warnings/guidelines?
  6. Your quite welcome. It sounds like fun :D T-thank you.

    Nope. None whatsoever :)
  7. I could seriously hug you... I am so excited for this!
  8. I'm glad, I could make you happy. ^^ Like I said earlier, I'll PM you with the Character Sheet in a bit. ^_^