In Love and War

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  1. Gill walked out of an office and motioned for his partner to come with him. They had known each other for years, and were quite good friends. She trusted him more than anything which sometimes mad him crack a grin, this entire time he was planning on turning on her. He played it out so she would rely on him, slowly making her dependent on him knowing she was the better fighter he would make it so she couldn't even raise a weapon in his direction. After years he has warped her and now she follows him like a lost puppy... or so he thinks.

    "Our mission is to take down a man with vital information that can change the outcome of the war." He said seriously as he got into a helicopter which already had it rotor's working. He offered her a hand into the doorless helicopter and handed her a head set that would block the sound and allow them to speak freely while they traveled. "You know the normal plan. Get in, locate and kill the target, get out." He said as he already strapped on a parachute and stood at the door looking down at the ground. "This shouldn't be too hard and I will be right there next to you if you need me. We are still about an hour away from our target so get comfortable."
  2. Looks at her long time partner with a smile. Taking his hand and hoping aboard she straps on her parachute first. Pulling her long brown hair out of the back pack it was tangled in she listens to his instructions and nods in agreement. "Get in get out, easy enough" pulls her pistols out, all 4 where custom made for her and her alone. Perfect grip and recoil, checking the clips she exchanges the empties for the fulls. "Lets do this then." She says with a devilish grin towards her partner.
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    They travel with a light conversation, nothing to important, until they finally are in the hot zone. "Ok, time to jump!' He says pushing her out of the heli and jumping out after her. They had already taken off the headsets and were now falling through the air. He angled himself so he was falling straight down so they would be in the air for the least amount of time. He rushes past her in the air because he was normally the first one to land. When they were about 30 feet from the ground he finally pulled his, which was dangerously low, and landed a bit harder than usual but wasn't even slightly fazed. They were already inside the wall and he quickly folded up his parachute into the bag and hid it behind a barrel. She had landed shortly after he did "Hide it and lets go." He said as he checked the corners.
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    feels him shove her out of the help, which was rather unusual. Groping at the pistol cases strapped to her legs as they fell she made sure they where secure. Feeling her hair fly behind her and seeing her partner pass her up she squeezes her arms and legs closer together to increase her speed.landing on her feet she rolls into cover after him and pulls 2pistols to her hands and waits for his signal.
  5. He takes a turn around the corner and signals for her to follow. They creep down a hall way until they hear someone walking down the hall, he opens a closes and pulls her into it. *Click, Click, Click* they listen to the sound of the feet as whoever it was walks by. Gill opens the door and looks around carefully. Then he signals for her to follow as they go down the hallway again. They were at a double hallway now. Each one looking exactly the same, at the end of both was a door. He signaled for her to go one way and he went the other.
  6. Follows him until she hears the click of feet. Turning to him as he grabs her into the closet she hold her breath. Gripping her pistols tightly she waits. As he pokes his head out she relaxes. Following him down the hallway she holds her pistols by her side halting behind him. As he motions for her to take one door she raises her pistols and crouches down entering the door.
  7. It lead to a long dark hallways with some dark looking photos of men with deranged smiles. At the end was a door with light peaking out from the small opening at the bottom.

    Gill had gone through the door.
  8. Relaxes her stance still gripping herpistols tightly as she walks down the hallway. Reaching the door she peeks though the hole.
  9. She could see a small room light by fire, at the far edge was a desk and large dark red chair. From the mission debriefing she could tell this was where the 'boss' stayed. It looked empty but someone could be in the large chair.
  10. Slipping one of her pistols into its case and opens the door. Walking in cautiously she changes her stance to hold the pistol and looks around.
  11. It was empty... or so it seemed until the chair turned around. "Good evening." The voice said as she saw the man she had come to kill, before she knew what happened her arms were restrained by someone and was on the ground.
  12. Watches the chair turn and sees her target. Raises her pistol at the man and grits but before she can fire a man, from the feel of his hands, had grabbed disarmed her and pinned to the ground. "Ah!! What is this?!?" She growls and tries to look at her attacker.
  13. He held her head still, not able to see who was on top of her but she could feel a needle pushing into her back, suddenly she felt tired and just when she was about to fall asleep she heard a voice, "Thanks...".

    As she woke up she found herself strapped to a wall, held by the feet, hands, and neck just above the ground. She was in a small bra, pantie combo, and could see a dark figure just ahead of her with a whip.

    "Glad your finally awake." The distorted voice said as the man cracked the whip and started to hit her with it. He mainly hit her on the arms and stomach.
  14. Grunts feeling the needle inject the drug. Her moves Become sluggish and she finally passes out.

    Gasps for breath when she wakes up, something was choking her. Lifting her head she tries to move her arms and legs, chained. Looks over at the man in front of her. "What do you-ah!" She feels the sting of a whip on her arms and glares at the figure, "what- why are you doing?! Let me go!!" Her skin turns red as he continues to whip her.
  15. The man stops for a second, "What are you?" He said lightly whipping her arm.
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    "Wrong!" He said whipping her hard against her stomach. He asked her again and still didn't like her answer. "Wrong again!" He whipped her hard, just like before "You know what you are? Your my slave."
  16. Relaxes for her seconds of peace, she was turning a pink from the whip. Pain seared through her whole body and she bit her lip to keep from crying, what are you? she hears him shout, obviously he didn't like her response and he whipped her hard on her stomach making her lurch. He asks her again and she replies the same, again another hit to the stomach sends her lurching. His slave?! Was he kidding? Did he really think he could break her enough to make her obey him.

    keeping her silence try's to figure out where she is. It was dark obviously, and damp. There was stone behind her and the locks where rusted. Under ground, a dungeon probably. There something familiar here though, that voice. "Gil?!" She mutters lifting her head to look at the figure.
  17. He steps out from the shadows slowly clapping "Good Girl." He said with a smile on his face. "Very Good Girl. Now what are you?" He said whipping the air and letting the crack be the only sound in the room.
  18. Glares at him, "GIL!! how could you!?!" shies away from the whip as he lets it snap next to her face. "I trusted you Gil! damn it I TRUSTED YOU!!" She struggles against her chains.
  19. He whips her a couple of times until she stops fidgeting. "I asked you a question, what are you."
  20. "AH!" she cringes at the whips sting on her already raw skin. Her nerves where tingling, her body shaking. "I- i am nothing of yours!"