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Modern Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Historic/Period. I'm quite versatile and open. More prone to original content than fandoms, though base inspiration is welcome.
If you've ever seen Wristcutters: A Love Story - that's what this is based on. Also the short story Kneller's Happy Campers, which I have not read, but the movie is based on it. However, no need to know that story at all.

When you die, you go somewhere, probably somewhere like Heaven, but we don't know or care about those people. When you die by suicide, you go into a limbo very similar to our current existence, but somehow much more depressing. You work, you eat, you sleep. However, no one can smile no matter how hard they try. Some pretty strange things are out in the world, though most don't know what's beyond their own city. Other cities? Wasteland is what they seem to think, but maybe there's something beyond. Little miracles can happen out there - a flame coming from a finger and floating off, a person levitating. Random things that only happen to those who aren't looking to make them happen. We can include this stuff or not, but just so everyone knows sort of how the inspiration is before we branch off.
In the movie, the characters are on the lookout for the People in Charge (PIC) and end up finding a way back to life.

We don't have to go this route, it would be fun to come up with something else and we can involve the elusive PIC or not, group's choice. So this would be character driven for the beginning, we'll have to know the desires of our characters.

So if there's interest, be thinking about how/why you want your character to have killed themselves - their method shows in the after life as a constant reminder. i.e. a bullet wound never goes away, a blue face from freezing, strangle marks from choking, wrist scars, etc etc. Obviously some methods will show more or less.

Please feel free to make suggestions or ask questions. If there's interest, we can discuss a possible plot idea.
Not open for further replies.