★☆In Honor of 4/13, Seeking Homestuck Trash★

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  1. My fellow trash beings, the time of the 13th of April is upon us. So to celebrate, I'm in search of a fellow trash being in which would be interested in a bit of an Homestuck rp.

    Allow me to start off by giving a brief description of myself. My name is Alexia (please do feel free to call me Alex or Lexy ). I'm 19; almost 20 really. I've been roleplaying for quite some time. Approximately around 5 or so years. Through out those years I've experienced various types of roleplays, roleplay styles and experiments. I love the art of story telling! It's one of my favorite traits really. So, I do hope we can create some serious art here.

    Now that that's out of the way, I'm hoping for a lot of OC involvement. I'm sure the majority of us are more fans of trolls than human but humans can still be involved. I'm open to ideas for plot as well. Let's make this fun huh?

  2. Yes please! I have a crapton of schoolwork but I can't pass this opportunity up ;__;
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  3. *pats* Shhh my child. Shoot me a pm and we can start discussing :3
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