In Hell

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  1. I mostly do fantasy role-play that is in the past. Once in a while I may do a role-play in today's modern society, but I love old architecture and many historic events. I role-play mostly as a succubus. No, I don't do all the seducing all the time. I created my succubus to be very different from the others. I hate things that are always the same. If you role-play with me, please try to use proper grammar. I can understand a typo. It happens to all of us. Most likely I will understand what you have said. But no text slang. It ruins the moment of the role-play.

    I will put a small biography about my character below. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask. I will be happy to satisfy your curiosity.

    Name: Vandella. (No last name:
    Age: 3000. She would be 18 in human years.
    Born: 6000 BC.
    Appearance: (Look at picture) She mostly stays in her human form, however, horns, tail, and wings, will only appear if she is upset.

    Vandella is the silent one. The one who stays away from other occupants in her realm. She lives in Hell, of course. However, many do not know of the secrets and underpopulated parts of Hell. Vandella commonly stays alone by herself in a small unused chamber made of crystals. The crystals give an impact of her power. Make her stronger. However, she barely uses her own powers. She made a small home of this chamber. She sticks to herself, however many of the Incubi in her realm always try to find her. Many of them have a "Crush" on her. As some may call it. She does not find any interest in many of the demons in Hell. However, one demon did find her. He/She (Your character if you wish) Did not mean any harm. They just wanted to chat, to get to know Vandella. The demon could tell deep inside, This succubus was a very lonely one.
  2. I'm interested in roleplaying with you, Ejections.
  3. Iwould love to try and see if we can figure something out.