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  1. I have too much free time on my hands and it's bugging the living shit out of me. I'm going to post up a pairing list, all that good stuff.

    Main craving: Matt x Karen

    Writer x Person writer is writing a book on
    Doctor x Nurse
    Occupier/soldier x resident of country
    Kid x Kid who other kid is not suppose to hang around
    Cheater x mistress

    Teen titans
    The walking dead
    Harley x Ivy
    Harley x OC Robin (( For this, it would most likely be that Robin loses his memories and Harley takes him in and teaches him to be bad. Nothing romantic.))
    Assassin's creed
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  2. I think the soldier/citizen dynamic would be interesting, are you thinking of something reality based or fanciful?
  3. I would prefer to have something reality based but if you wish to try out something non-reality related, I would be cool with that.
  4. Doctor nurse?
  5. Yes? Are you interested in doing that?
  6. That I am
  7. I would like to try the writers idea, I think it can be interesting
  8. Still looking for partners.
  9. Still looking for partners.
  10. Always searching for partners
  11. Still need more partners!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.