In desperate need of partners!

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  1. It seems for me as of late that roleplays are becoming sparse. I've got some good ones going, but I would like a few more, for I am in the stage of only getting a couple replies a day and I have free time to burn. Please! Suggest! At this point i'm up for nearly anything! I have a few ideas we could do myself, but I am open to almost ANYTHING at this point. Below is my information. 1. Romance please 2. MxF only 3. I prefer female 4. no incest (includes step anythings) 5. SUGGEST I would love to find something new to try.
  2. Hello :3

    I'm new, so I don't know if you're willing to put up with me, but I do know how to RP :p

    I an pretty much do anything, and I can take guys too, so :D
  3. If you're willing to roleplay with me, we can brainstorm together. I'm up for anything, but I've been dying to do something horror themed.
  4. I'd be more than willing, but I require romance just let that be known.