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  1. The land of Chroma is a vast desert plain full of hot sun and shifting sand. In this world, humanity strives to survive against the terrorist onslaught of Famine, a criminal organization that uses machines to wreak havoc across the land. The thin buffer between the inhabitants of this harsh country and destruction are the fighters of Iwen, who sacrifice their lives to protect the people and uphold the law. In this roleplay, take on the role of a member of Iwen, bonding with your squad, fighting giant mechanized bugs, and exploring a desert land!​

    • TBD

      • Pandiin: The main military outpost for Iwen. A clean, white stone city consisting of barracks for the soldiers (arranged by squad) and is surrounded by a strong wall. (Pan-deen)

      • Kaver: The capital city of Chroma. A sprawling metropolis that consists of an aboveground sector and an underground sector. While the surface city is relatively clean albeit crowded, the underground is a smoky, hazy, teeming mess of the lowlifes in the capital's pecking order. (Kah-vair)

      • Asimar: The largest town in Chroma. While it's not considered a city, it is pretty clean and well protected due to its proximity to Pandiin. Many Irtyu come from this area.

      • Ma'fel: A smaller town, but one proud of its militaristic history. Home to a tribe that trains from a very young age to fight and defend themselves, therefore making this town pretty well protected. Many Deshr come from here.

      • Orus: An abandoned Iwen outpost on the edge of the Lapis Sea. Once a small, undermanned outpost, it was overrun by family twenty years prior to the current rp. Seen as an embarrassment to older members of Iwen for the fort being overtaken.

      • Asmet: A small, farming village deep in the southwestern region of Chroma. Not many members of Iwen hail from Asmet, due to the sheer distance from any military outpost. There's a small amount of anti-Iwen sentiment in this area, because of their reluctance to build an outpost so isolated from the rest of the kingdom, therefore leaving Asmet almost entirely defenseless.

      • Salitar Lake: A medium sized lake, more like a large pond, in the center of the desert. Many towns are built around its life-giving waters. It's fed by two rivers.

      • Lapis Sea: A salty sea to the northwest of Chroma. Not many come to the sea anymore, although it used to be a popular fishing port, with a nameless ghost town along its shores. Famine's presence in the area drove everyone away.

      • Da'vus Mountain Range: A range of low-lying mountains to the southeast of Pandiin. Rumored to be a good hiding place for fugitives, and the source of an underground lake and series of caves. Also home to a bunch of dangerous animals.
      Friendly | Neutral | Dangerous

    • [​IMG]

      In a single squad, there are up to ten people, all with various roles and duties to uphold. In a single, functional squad, there are:

      • 1 Irtyu
      • 2-3 Deshr
      • 1 Wahdj
      • 2-3 Khenet
      • and 2 Mefkaht

      While all are capable of fighting, they have their own roles to fulfill, and are supposed to consider it before anything else in a battle.

    • Irtyu serve as the fearless leaders for their squads. While they are in training, they are taught strategy, leadership skills, psychology, and are trained physically to fight alongside the Deshr, even if they are to hold back until necessary. To signify their ranking, they commonly wear an article of blue clothing, and have an indigo tattoo on their right arms, bearing their insignia. One cannot be promoted to Irtyu status, they must be trained for it.
    • Deshr are the brawn of the squad. While they are in training, they are taught to wield a variety of weapons, how to make weapons and traps from their surrounding environment, martial arts, and human anatomy. To signify their ranking, they commonly wear a red article of clothing, and have their rank insignia tattooed on their chests in maroon.
    • Wahdj are the healers of their squad. While in training, they are taught both the uses of manufactured medicines and herbal remedies, anatomy, emergency first aid, and psychology. They are the only rank not allowed to participate in battle unless in dire circumstances. To signify their rank, they commonly wear a green article of clothing, and have their insignia tattooed on their foreheads in forest green.
    • Khenet are the scouts of the squad. While in training, they are taught stealth, subterfuge, poisons, ranged weaponry, camouflage, and psychology. To signify their ranking, they wear a yellow article of clothing, and their insignia is branded on their backs in a burnt orange.
    • The engineers of their squad. Mefkaht are trained in all forms of machinery that is known thus far, weaponry, and bombcraft. They invent new tools, repair tools, and repair weapons for their squad. To signify their ranking, they wear turquoise banded mechanic's goggles, with their tattoo branded across the backs of both of their hands in sea-green.
    • NPC Rank. Joseph is the general of Iwen, usually a man, that runs all squads. The Irtyu answer to him and him alone. He wears white to symbolize all colors.

    • Famine is the main antagonist of this roleplay, a group of thugs that use various machines and brute force to attack. Their current motive is unknown, and they are distinguished by wearing black.
    • Picture TBA
      Locusts are the air forces of Famine, light, small winged craft used for transporting enemies or surveillance. Their weak points are everywhere, and it's not too difficult to take one of these down. Difficulty: Easy
    • Picture TBA
      Scarabs are the heavy infantry of Famine, nearly impenetrable and covered with thick armor, always full of weapons and enemies. Do not take on alone. Joints are rather weak. Difficulty: Dangerous
    • Picture TBA

      Lighter, ground-based vehicles with a distinctive lance on the end that gives it its name. Numerous, and not as dangerous as Scarabs, the joints are also weak on this one, as is the front. Difficulty: Moderate


    1. Don't be an ass: Don't have a perfect, impossible to beat and beautiful character. Those aren't very fun for anyone, and I will not accept them. You have been warned.
    2. Don't kill off someone elses' character randomly: Get permission first.
    3. Stick with the content ratings: While I've gotten language and gore covered, please note that this rp is not rated 18+ only. Which means kids might read it. With that in mind, please think of others before you go all Hannibal Lector on someone, or post any...sexual content on the public thread. Anything along those lines, take to PM.
    4. Please don't take this idea. I worked hard, and still am working hard on it, adding new places and machines every now and then. Just...don't.
    5. Be nice to everyone: I don't really care how your character treats other characters. I do care, however, how you as a person treats other people. Golden rule, everyone.
    6. While I don't want you to copy anything I've created thus far, feel free to come up with things like races, stories, festivals, and the like that I don't already have down. I'll add it to this page right here, and credit you for it. Feel free to make the world of Chroma a deeper one!

    Character Forms​

    Character Name:
    Weapons: [No guns, please!]
    History: [optional]
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  2. Added Content Post:

    Will edit as we go along​
  3. WIP

    Username: Hipster Rin
    Character Name: Munira Kartek
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Occupation/Ranking: Mefkaht, former potter

    + Bold: Munira doesn't hold back from her duty, which she believes is to protect Chroma.
    + Engineer: Trained as a Mefkaht, she's very knowledgeable about how machines run.
    = Curiosity: She likes getting her hands on anything and everything to see how it works.
    + Deft Hands: As a potter and a mechanic, Munira works often with her hands, making her rather dexterous.

    - Emotional: Muni doesn't think before she acts. She feels, acts, then thinks, in that order.
    - Undereducated: Raised in the boonies of Chroma, Munira knows practical things, not abstract things such as math.
    = Curiosity: They do say that curiosity killed the Mefkaht.
    - Weak: Physically weak in comparison to say, a Deshr or Khenet, Munira should never be allowed to fight mano a mano.

    Weapons: [No guns, please!]
    History: [optional]

    Username: Hipster Rin
    Character Name: Salim Kartek
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation/Ranking: Deshr, former farmhand
    Weapons: [No guns, please!]
    History: [optional]
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  4. Vivianne Astara, yellow Username: White -- Chocolate
    Character Name: Vivianne Astara
    Age: 24
    Gender: F
    Occupation/Ranking: Khenet [Used to be Bartender]

    +Hawk Eyes [Great at watching/spotting targets and keeping a mark on them]
    +Hyper Intuition [Superb reflex/sixth-sense]

    - Slightly clumsy feet
    - No sustainability in 1 on 1 situations
    - Zones out [Mind blanks, plan gets shot to hell]

    • Smoke bombs
    • Throwing Knives
      Knives (open)
    • Vial(s) of poisons (with some antidotes)
    • Small bombs
    History: Vivianne always loved to venture far and wide, much to her parents' displeasure. On one of her more dangerous journeys, the young girl had been wander too far out and on her own, thus she was lost. While she was left to her own devices, she realized she was actually quite close to the mountain that was home to many unknown and dangerous animals. She was smart enough to not get any closer, but she was fascinated even when the rescue team finally arrived on scene. Ever since, she trained up to be a scout, just so she'd get to go on more of her little adventures, hopefully discovering more and more dangerous places. Oh, and of course, so that they'd win against the Famine.

    Other: She has an pale-yellow eye patch. It usually isn't covering her eye, it only rests on her neck - under the high-neck vest equipment she usually dons when she's on duty - but when she needs to make the shot count, she covers her right eye.
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  5. Personally, I hate people putting in personalities, because half the time they don't follow their described personalities during rp. If you really want to put it, however, you can just put it in other if that makes you more comfortable? Sorry, it just seems pointless to put up a field and make someone have to fill it out then it's never relevant.
  6. Hello everyone!~
  7. I just thought you had forgotten or something, but thanks for clearing that up. Everyone's got their own styles when they're making their character sheets. Anyway, finished mine. Is this still going or nah?
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  8. I want it to still be going, but you seem to be the only one interested in it. Sad... ;~;
  9. I might actually redo this page with better pictures and layout and stuff. The forms will be the same, so you can just copy/paste yours, but maybe making it more attractive and more detailed will bring people in?
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