In Darkness They Came

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  1. "There were so many theories on how it would happen. Whatever you decided to call it. Doomsday, the darkening, the apocalypse, the second coming. No matter what you call it, it wasn't what you imagined. Zombies would be a blessing. A nuclear war would be a cakewalk. I pray for the day the ozone disoves and the earth cracks apart.

    Because this was not something we brought upon us. It was not something of our making that we unwittingly unleashed on ourselves. This was cold. Calculated. This was an invasion we had no hope of deturing. Calling it a war would be a joke. The war was lost before they ever arrived. And now we are lost.

    Most of us are living the lives of slaves, grueling working building some type of machine we know nothing about. If you grow weak or slow, you are taken. No one knows where, but you never return. But there are some, some like me, who live outside. We live on the run, forever hunted. We are the Outsiders. And we are fighting.

    Come! All you cattle, come! Come fight with us! Come die with us! That our children, and our children's children may once again feel the yellow sunshine like the days of old, and the smaug of the machines of slavery may vanish from our skys! Come! Come! Come!"

    Karie finished the last connection and the recording of her speech she'd labored over was scatted. It would play over every old radio and ram every transmission for fifty miles, until they found this place and shut it down.

    She quickly made her way out of the decrepit radio station and into the trees. There she would wait. She could only wait and pray that someone would come. Someone had to come.
  2. Rose had received the radio transmission. She was sketchful at first, thinking it was a trap. She slowly scouted the radio tower with her rifle raised. As she scouted the area, she noticed someone hiding in the trees watching her every movement. She pointed the rifle in that general direction. "Come out I won't shoot."
  3. Griffin and his brother, Harry, had been sitting quietly in the broken down shack they'd found about a week ago. The roof had several holes in, and the door was non-existant, but it eas the best they had. Each of the two brothers were sitting on a chair, -which looked as though it might break at any moment- wrapped up in thought.

    Griffins head shot up, and Harry tumbled forewards off his chair as the radio suddenly started crackling. Griffen got up of his chair, the rotting peice of furniture letting out an unhappy wail, and walked over to the radio, which was sitting on a makeshift table, in the centre of the room. The older brother frowned as he fiddled with the knob, trying to gwt a better signal. He backtracked quickly when he heard something other than static, and looked to his brother with a frown, Harry now standing next to him. The younger brother opened his mouth as if to say something, but Griffin quickly silenced him by putting a finger to his lips.

    Griffin's icy blue eyes were fixed on the radio as he listened, his brothers darker blue, almost purple, ones roaming around the room. As the transmission stopped Griffen finally spoke up; "Well, we best get moving, then. If people are gathering to fight back, then I certainly want to be a part of it!" Harry nodded in agreement, running a hand slowly through his greasy light brown hair, which definately looked like it needed a wash. "Yup! Where's the nearest radio station to?" "Not far, the woods I think."

    Ten minutes later, and the two brothers were walking side by side towards the expanse of trees that lay not far ahead of them. Griffin was caryig a rather large, heavy looking bag on his back, filled with various essential items. He held his hand up for silence as he heard a voice, taking a small blade out of his pocket and holding it to his side, creeping forewards slowly. He spotted slmeone through the trees, they seemed to have some sort of gun with them. Hopefully they were freindly. He shivered as a cool wind rushed past, ruffling his shoulder length black hair, which was just as greasy, and dirty as he brothers.
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  4. Karie wasn't surprised that her first greeting came with a gun. After all, you have to be wary these days. She stepped out slowly, hands raised, and pushed her hood back. Red tinted curls tumbled free, and she calmly look at Rose.

    "Welcome to the Outsiders." She said with a wry smile. She glanced behind the girl to see the other two and nodded a bit. "Welcome to you two as well."

    She lowered her hands and looked the three over. "We shouldn't stay here long, it won't take them much longer for them to track the signal."
  5. "Hi" "Hey..." They both said in greeting, Harry louder than Griffin. The two brothers walked out of the shadows so they could be seen more clearly. Griffin took the time to quickly look over the two females. They seemed okay... Harry's eyes however, we're fixed on the floor, and he was shuffling his feet nervously. "Calm down, H! Nothing's gonna happen whilst I'm here." The older brother whispered reassuringly to the younger, resting a hand lightly on his shoulder.

    The brothers walked forewords further, so they were next to the others in the newly formed group, Griffin leading Harry with soft nudges to the back and shoulders. The younger still deemed to be somewhat nervous, but managed to rustle up a small smile.

    Now they were closer, their appearance could be seen better. They were both wearing a thick dark green coat, and ripped jeans. Griffin's were black, and Harry's a dark blue. The eldest brother looked to about 17, maybe 18, while the youngest was around possibly 15.

    Griffin put the knife back in its sheath and then carefully placed it in his pocket.
    "I agree, I wouldn't much like to be caught." The black haired male chuckled dryly, his brother to look up at his with what looked like fear in his eyes. Griffin smiled down at him and wrapped an arm around him lightly, pulling him close to his side, in a 'It'll be alright' kind of hug.
  6. Karie's dark eyes traveled over the woman and two men, eyes stopping on the younger one that was shuffling shyly. She was a little surprised to see one so young. He couldn't have been more than fifteen, and her heart twisted at the thought of the young they had lost.

    She tried to catch his eye, to reassure him that she was safe.

    "I am Karie." She said. "I am an operative of the Outsiders sent here to play the transmission you all heard. I am alone, because with a mission this risky we could not risk a lot of our fighters. It will be just the four of us making our way through the woods to our base. Once there, you'll meet the rest."
  7. Rose slung her rifle over her shoulder. "Nice to meet you karie. My name is rose of the 75th ranger regiment." She extended her hand out to greet her. She looked back at the 2 younger boys. She was surprised at how young they were.
  8. "I'm Griffin, and this is my brother, Harry." He said, as it seemed everyone was giving out there name. Harry was staring at the floor now, so didn't see the female, Karie, was trying to catch his eye.

    "So, we should probably get going..?" Griffin said suggestively. He was getting more agitated the longer they stayed here. The more time they spent in this same place, the higher the chance was that they were going to get caught.

    "Griff, I'm scared.." The younger whispered, as he tilted his head back to look up at his brother. Griffin smiled at him sympathetically, ruffling his hair, causing a small cloud of dust to float to the floor. "I know... Not long, and we'll be somewhere safe, kay?" "Okay...." He replied, though his sounded unsure. After that, he buried his face in his brothers side, refusing to even look at anything until they got moving away from this danger zone.
  9. Karie nodded at Griffin's statement that they should leave. "Yes." She said as she turned. "Follow me. Its a bit of a walk, we have about four miles to make." She led the way into the trees, one hand resting on her pistol. You could never be too careful, not all people were kind.

    She'd run into her fair share of looters out here. Bandits who were fighting to survive, just like the rest of them. Only they were fighting the wrong ones.

    "Stay alert." She warned them quietly. "We're not the only ones out here, and I'm sure they heard the transmission too."
  10. Griffin nodded, drawing the knife out of the sheath and pocket, holding it tightly, so much so that his knuckles were turning white. His free hand was wrapped around his brother, who was by now shaking, holding him tightly. "Do you think someone will really attack us?" Harry whispered, his eyes reflecting the fear and worry that was currently swirling round in his head. "Nah, I doubt it... An besides, if anyone does choose to, we'll soon fight 'em off!" The older whispered brother whispered back, his voice had a slight edge to it.

    Griffin leaned down to place a soft kiss on top of his brothers head, instantly regretting it and spitting put some dirt onto the ground.
    "You need a wash... Then again so do I... Anyway, we'll be fine, alright? Have I ever lied to you before?" "Well... No.." Harry shook his head slowly. "Exactly. So, in about four miles, we'll be safe and sound, and maybe even be able to get cleaned up." He raised his head to look towards Karie. "Right?" He asked for confirmation. There was a hint of worry, and just the faintest trace of fear in his voice, but it was barely noticable. He hoped no one else had picked up on it, especially his brother.
  11. Karie glanced back at them with an understanding look on her face. She was well aware how scary it was to fear losing someone. "Right." She replied quietly. We even have some hot springs under our base that come up to the surface not far from there. Naturally headed bath water. When a the last time you had a hot bath, huh?"

    She turned to face forward again. "We have a small area we're farming, and a well....not bad for a rebel group." She kept a wary eye out around them. She wouldn't lose another kid in her care. The 23 year old had lost too many over the years she'd been fighting. The seven long years.
  12. Harry perked up as he heard that, looking up to his brother again, but this time with excitement. "Did you her that!? A hot bath! Ooh, it's been years since I've had one of them! It will sure beat washing in a bucket of cold, dirty water!" He said loudly, a grin spreading across his face. Griffin quickly clamped a hand over Harry's mouth, chuckling softly. "Yeah, exactly, but shh! Be quiet!" The eldest shook his head slowly, a slight smile creeping onto his face, playing on his lips for a few minutes.

    "That really does sound awesome, though.."
    He sighed wistfully (?) looking upwards, peering through the trees, his icy blue gaze fixed on the slowly darkening sky, watching the clouds drift lazily across it/

  13. Rose kept behind everyone else with her rifle in a low ready position. She heard about the hot bath. That was a luxury. She had been bathing in rivers and lakes for the last couple of years. Her ears picked up on a low humm. "Everyone get down" she called out as she saw a drop ship hovering overhead.
  14. Griffin, who was already looking at the sky, saw it too. Harry was also staring at it, paralysed in fear. The older brother quickly grabbed him and pulled him down with him, flattening himself against the ground, shuffling over to a bush. He held Harry close to him, knife on the ground beside him. He pressed his brothers face into his chest, protecting him from the sharp spikes that were digging into him from all directions.

    The younger let out a small whimper of fear, eyes clamped shut as he hugged his older brother tightly. Griffin stroked his head softly, whispering soothing words in is ear, being as quiet of possible. "They're gonna find us, we're gonna die!" He wailed, tears slipping from his eyes, Griffin could feel them soaking through his coat. "shh, shh... No they won't, calm down, it's okay..." He continued to say softly to the other, trying to calm him down. Harry however, continued to cry, freaking out. "We're gonna be taken, just like Jack was!" He was getting too loud now, and Griffin's eyes widened in panic, darting upwards again to the sky. There was nothing else he could do. He raised one of his hands and brought it down hard on his brothers head. The younger male's body went limp in his arms. "I'm sorry.." He murmured quietly, a single tear slipping down one of his cheeks. He didn't like having to do that to Harry, but there was no other choice...
  15. Karie flattened herself against the ground and kept a sharp eye on the ship. The wind from the ship slammed against them as it hovered, almost as if the ship itself had heard the boys cries. Her hand strayed down towards her pistol, but after a long moment it turned towards the still transmitting radio tower and continued that way.

    She slowly stood. "We're on a time limit now, ladies and gentleman. As soon as they've shut off that transmission they'll be scouring these woods. Fuck!" The explicitive flew from her mouth before she could contain it. She'd hoped to be much further away by now.

    "Fast and silent now." She told them. "No more talk. We move quickly, or we go down fighting." Her gaze moved to the older of the two boys. "Can you carry him?"
  16. He nodded his head slowly, crawling out of the bush. There were countless number of thorns sticking into his skin now, drawing blood, but he'd have to worry about that later. "Yeah.." He said quietly. He picked his brother up, holding him tightly and securely. He paused, bending down to retrieve his knife, which was still under the bush. He slid it back into it's sheath, in his pocket as he stood back up.

    He walked quickly over to the other two females, after adjusting his brothers head, so it was resting gently on his shoulder. He was silent now, and he would remain so until they reached where they were headed. That was of course, unless something happened, where he actually did need to communicate using his voice. If such an occasion occured, he would keep his voice to a whisper. He didn't want that thing to find them. He'd already lost one brother, and he didn't plan on loosing the other. Besides, he'd already made a promise to Harry, that they would make it safely to the camp. And when they did, one of the first things he would do, was definitely get the both of them cleaned up, after all, the certainly needed it.
  17. Rose flattened herself to the ground with her rifle pointed at the drop ship, knowing full well it would have no effect. She nodded when Karie said they would move fast and quiet. They began moving at a break neck pace.
  18. Karie led the way, practically running through the underbrush. She was trying to be as quiet as possible, but quiet and fast didn't mix well. The had about a mile left to go when she heard the sound of the ship in the distance echoing back towards them. A slew of curse words were going in her head, but there was no time for that now. There were only two options, really. Die, or fight. They wouldn't make it to base in time. There was only bringing base to them. She skidded to a stop and reached into her bag. She pulled out a rusted silver whistle. The sentries were posted half a mile out, hopefully they would hear it and bring reinforcement.

    The shrill, shattering sound of the whistle echoed off of the trees and rocks around them. She blew it three times in quick succession, paused, then did the same again. One more time. Then she dropped the whistle into her bag and pulled out her pistol. "Get ready to fight." She said quietly. "They're not impossible to take down. The Outsiders have taken them down before." Well, they'd taken one down but Karie wouldn't mention that part. "Remember, aim for the eyes. The armor over the eyes is weak."

    She checked and made sure her pistol was loaded and readied her extra mag. She could hear the ship drawing closer, drawn by the sound of the whistle. "Remember. Either they die, or we do."
  19. Griffinh took in a deep breath as he readied himself. He took a quick look up to the aproaching ship, and shuddered. He carefully placed his brother down in the brush, and covered him over. At least this way, if he did die, his brother would hopefully live, providing they didn't find him. His brother safely hidden, he took the back of his bag and slung it onto the floor, moving down to work at the zip. His hands were shaking pretty badly, that it took him a while to gwt the stupid thing undone. He finally managed it, the ship was nearly ontop of them, it would probably come down shortly. He rummaged around in his bag, finally taking out a small pistol. He only had three bullets left, he'd have to make them count.

    He kicked the bag backwards into a bush and headed over to stand beside Karrie and Rose, gun held in his right hand, pointed towards the ship. He had to use his left to steady it, so his shot wouldn't go too far in the wrong direction. "I guess this is it, then."
  20. Rose dropped her pack reaching inside and pulling out 2 claymores. "Explosives work better." She said as she stuck them into the ground and began wiring them. She backed off once done making sure they wouldn't be caught in the blast. She checked her mag quickly before popping it back in and pulling the charging handle.
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